20 Reasons Why WAV Is Better Than MP3 ( By Silent Code )

Paul Ashmore

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This article was written by Miss Represent AKA Silent Code and is a very interesting read. A lot of good points highlighted. A fe of my favorite facts she included. Useful links and evidence included.

Fact 2. Storage is so affordable these days, there is no longer an argument for saving a lower quality file.

Fact 11. If a DJ set is full of MP3s, and then recorded, and then compressed again for people at home to listen to, you get even worse information loss and degraded music because it’s been compressed numerous times.

Fact 18. Even though you can’t hear above 20KHz, missing high frequencies perceive how you hear lower frequencies.

Fact 20. MP3 can not code 5.1 stereo surround sound.

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Errr, isn't the main reason outside of the "quality loss" (debatable for the average listener that doesn't have extremely expensive monitors) that .mp3's have a tiny bit of empty space at the start etc.. that wav's dont have?
That's what I understood from the positive points of mixing with wav's at least,