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Oct 2, 2003

I saw the term 2 step used do define a dnb tune but on further listening the beat is not my expectations of 2 step.
With 2 step garage the first snare is delayed by 2 if using 16ths ( as with hardstep dnb.)

Is this the same for 2step dnb? if so surely its hardstep.


Hardstep isn't a beat style it's just about heavy breaks

2 step is the beat pattern

So it's possible to have 2 step hardstep (a heavy 2step beat)
koopa said:
Nice 1 serum, so just to clarify does a 2step dnb have a delayed first snare?


the term 2 step refers to a syncopation on the second kick... where it's slightly delayed.


K - - - S - - - K - - - S - - -

2 step:

K - - - S - - - - - K - S - - -

almost all dnb is 2 step
Nice 1 Afflicition.

The term used was right then, i would normally call this breakbeat dnb.
I dont think i have heard dnb as you describe the 'regular' beat. I have heard stuff wher the 2nd kick is earlier like a ragga ish flow.


yeah, there are a few dnb tracks that use a "regular" beat.. kind of.. though they normally add more kicks.. which makes it non regular i suppose ehehe


K - - - S - - - K - - K S - - -
is used by a few tunes, but yeah, 2 step is the norm for dnb
strange! I thought that the pattern you guys call 2step, was called a 'break', because the normal 4/4 pattern is 'broken' because of syncopating the kick.
But who cares about definitions anyway
A break is a breakbeat (sampled beat from a record) Though most beats are referred to as breaks
a breakbeat is called a breakbeat cos it was usually the beat that was played during the break of old soul / funk records.. Just listen to any James Brown tune and you'll see what i mean... somewhere all the instruments will stop and the drummer will go off on a mad drum solo... hence break - beat :mkay:
Ahh thank god (for DnB forum).... ive wondered about this for years and years
Remember when i was real fresh to drum and bass, around 98-99 i figure-
my favourite venue usually playing House and tekno- i got there one night, and theyd schedueled something called "2step" straight out- no word about DnB
I smoked a spliff and freestyled for 2 hours straight... i just finished some kung-fu training (north shaolin) the year before, so i was swinging those legs all over the place -
it was half empty- which, unfortunately is still the norm for DnB here in Copenhagen...

Ill have to see what i can do about that-
Thx for the kicks :P
back in the day i was a militant 2step hater. i used to think 2step was the complete opposite of what drum and bass was about and should therefore be banned or called something other than drum and bass. then producers like john b and roni size made me realize a thing or two about how music evolves and progresses so that wore off pretty quickly. it just pisses me off when garage fans talk about 2step not beeing drum and bass you know.

and goddamn i want to get back into my o shin shuen wu shu training.
it just pisses me off when garage fans talk about 2step not beeing drum and bass you know.

ive never heard any garage fan saying such a thing.

Garage 2 step, if made a comparison would be the )EIB( type -nutz beats, plenty of off-kicks and the delayed first snare.


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