2 new tracks, still learning most of the things

Hi again guys, I´m in the right thread now I hope :D

So, please check my two new tunes :

The first one - What Next? was composed during one night when I had depression and I finished it today.... Cannot say much about it, just it´s very melancholiic and sad...

The second one is really crazy and heavy... maybe too much, Personally I love second part of drop... well just tell me your opinion. The story behind is Robot invasion on Earth :)

Please, do understand that I produce for only 2 months and I have very shitty headphones :D I know it´s by far not perfect. But Ijust wanted to share my music, after my first track was mainly said to be OK :D

Thanks for your time guys[/MEDIA]
1st one: I like the piano melody in the intro. feel like the drums could do with a bit of work...they sound a little over compressed and bit far back in the mixed...maybe look at getting some better sounding samples to start with. The pattern could also do with switching up a bit more often. I think you have a good grasp of the melodic elements, just need to refine the way the parts sound - that will come with time though. Also pay attention to arrangement...I feel like it needs a few fills/sweeps or something, parts dropping out and in to keep it interesting.

2nd: There are some interesting sounds in this one, but no cohesion. my advice would be don't have twisting basslines just for the sake of it. listen to how noisia etc do it and there's still patterns, phrases, within that make these work.

*Just read you have only been producing 2 months - so good start, just keep writing as much as possible and it will come. analyse your favourite tracks, like really tear them apart. figure out why you like them. try to reverse engineer the parts you like. also, maybe take the hit to buy some decent headphones / speakers, the jump in my production quality from my first shitty pair of speakers to my first pair of good headphones made a huge difference.

Good luck!
Hello, thank you that you share tips and opinions.

About the first track... I know about the drums, it´s like ... well hard to explain, but I have some very hard life time now and I couldn´t sleep, so I played my piano and come with the melody... then I figured strings... well and one thing leeds to another and I had full track, altought with some shitty loop I made months ago -_- ... But I still like it. For me, it s not the stuff you dance to. it´s quite chill so I don´t mind the repeating loop too much

The second one... Well what can I say... I just fucking enjoyed the whole robot invasion, so I pushed it too far maybe. The song holds together just by subbass and reece in first drop, otherwisw, it´s total mess but somehow it sounds quite good for me :)

Also I would like to say, that I made almost all sounds myself, be it resampling layered drums, or total synthesis from begining ( except the piano in the first ... cannot do that, good old FL Morphine :) )