2 New Tracks- Neurofunk & Dubstep


aka Zero Beats
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Oct 2, 2008
South London
With the dub step tune... I'm not a bit fan of the kick drum, it sounds a bit cheap and ravey. The snare has good presents but could maybe do with a deeper thuddy snare layered with it...

I like the melody on the break down before the drop (and when you use it over the bassline)
The bassline is pretty good, typical dub step sort of wobble but its really complimented by the melody's that are layered with it.

Over all its a good track fella, I would just maybe work on the beats a bit.

As for Ghost In The Machine again its the beats for me... I think they sound a bit cheap, like the sort of preset sounds you get with DAW's. Might be worth searching round for some sample packs and try layering. The beats also sound a bit loose on the drop of the track, they need tighening up a bit.

The bass rolls well, and I like the vocal used over this track... I think its def got potential..

As I say I think if you just work on your beats over all, you will be well on your way mate.


Blaze It Down !
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May 8, 2007
Belgium , Genk
Ghost in the machine is quality man , but like jamesZero said , I think you need to layer some more , makes your tunes sound a lot "fuller".. still good job !
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