2 new tracks from CNDCT (drumstep/hiphop, dnb/dubstep)


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May 1, 2010
1 st track: I like it - printer jam vibes - check that mistabishi tune for some more ideas on how to vary those intro sounds. Instrumental is fat. The vocal doesn't really fit at firsst but after a few seconds begin to flow so might wanna play around with where it comes in, how to lead into it. Loving the grimey vibes too

2nd track: Think the wobble that comes in at 1.07 could be emphasised a bit. Interesting idea with the sample - might want to affect it a bit more. Soung sounds a bit flat though, you wanna work on the mixdown more give the drums more punch and the bass more body. But it sounds like you got some idea about eqing excetera so I'll leave that up to you. Good luck getting this track cleared for release though haha - Kanye at rhiana samples in 1 tune.

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Feb 23, 2009
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Thank you, mate!
1.Printer Jam came into mind, part way into the production process. which held me back from adding more computer/mechanical sounds because i didn't wanna seem like i was biting off of mistabishi more than i already was lol. but i will play around with the intro a little more.

2. i been using my own, naked bass patch in this track. and i've thinking about taking the time and resampling it, which is probably what i need to do, in order to give the bass more body. wasn't sure about the adding the kayne sample, when i did. i probably should take that one out :)
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