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    Caution - Dubstep!

    Robbing Hood - Sohcahtoa Nights (AXRD004) Available now from the normal channels


    01 Sohcahtoa Nights
    02 Toiling Humbly
    03 Jallukola
    04 Spanker Boom
    05 Kossuvissy
    06 Cowbell Époque
    07 Shadows past
    08 Black Velvet
    09 Champagne Charlie
    10 Ready for Change

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/116j8j (a mixed taster, :D)


    Robbing Hood - Zen Seagal (AXRD005) Available now from the usual outlets

    Son of a Bitch, mean, dark minimal michael caine bizzle
    Do Whats Right, Steven Seagal gives it to 'em deep and hard

    The Way has many difficult challenges along its length but ultimately ends in contentment
    A Touch Of Zen, 'Hmmm', wise words from a monk who knows what time it is.