2 new mixes - walrus labs style


Feb 12, 2002
Its been a while since I uploaded any new mixes, and since I bought myself a load of new vinyl at the weekend, I decided to get some new mixes sorted.

The first one's a D&B mix, mostly oldskool/jungle influenced stuff but there's also a few more 2-step/distorted bassline type tunes in there too.

http://walrus.darkscape.net/dnb280402.ram for the streaming massive
http://walrus.darkscape.net/dnb280402.rm for the download crew

01. Total Science - Big Tyme [Renegade Hardware]
02. Futuretech - Apocalypse [Urban Takeover]
03. Gridlock & Substrata - Solvent [Gain]
04. Drumsound & Simon 'bassline' Smith - Stigmata [Technique]
05. B-Key - Intruder [Biotic]
06. Digital - Rock Steady (4 Horsemen remix) [Renegade Hardware]
07. Universal Project - Haunted Dreams [Universal Project]
08. Dylan - Junglism [Renegade Hardware]

The second is a techno mix. It starts off with some fairly purist stuff and moves through to some more nrg influenced bits.

http://walrus.darkscape.net/techno300402.ram for the streaming massive
http://walrus.darkscape.net/techno300402.rm for the download crew

01. Mark EG & Chrissi - Traction [Blackout Audio]
02. Project A - Spike [Third Wave]
03. Chris Liberator & Darc Marc - Orangey 21 [MAXIMUM minimum]
04. Ant & DAVE the Drummer - Original Remixes [Powertools]
05. Mark Tyler - You Been Played [Hangman]
06. Michael Kores & Nicholas Herz - Superfreak [EMF]
07. Nick Sentience & Thermobee - Freakshow [Nukleuz Purple]

Nothing particularly ground-breaking in either mix, just me playing with my new toys really (plus a few older bits), but let me know what you think! :)


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