2 new JUNGLE tracks


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My buddy, long time no see... good to see you're still kicking up dust in the studio!

"Like That" - Mmmm, you know how much I like deep and ethereal Intros like this. The volume fade in on the drums felt a little overdone... maybe it would have been easier on the ears if you'd taken a little longer to bring them to full volume.

Oh wow, that drop is badass... the Sub is sounding too big in my cheap headphones though, I'm getting distortion. But you can nevermind my Mix Advice cuz my ears are off today. Those Drum Edits are neat.

I can't help it, that Sub sounds about 2-4 DB too loud... it's sooo big.

2:25 - While I don't necessarily enjoy this Tweaked Horn Sample for the length you used it, I do like what you did with the sample especially where you started doing edits on it and the drums around the 3:10 mark.

I wish the Bass was lower... it'd make this easier to jam.


"People Dead" - Intro needs more sounds... it's cool what you've got going but it sounds incomplete.

I'm really enjoying the Drumwork on this one... Mix also sounds better than the previous track, Sub might be a smidge loud (maybe a half DB?). That sorrowy sounding lead around 2:17 is nice, first Sad sound I've heard from you (you're usually so funky with your hornwork).

Overall I like the track but was wishing for more variation after that BrkDwn at 2:17.

I'm not sure why your tracks sound 'squashed' to me. I get the impression that you're hitting 'em hard at the Master Level with some serious Compression. This is definitely a matter of taste (I well understand that), I know some enjoy their tracks hot like this while others prefer to allow the dynamics to breath through in a more natural state.

This last year I realized that I've been misusing Ozone for the last couple years and have been running my Limit on the Master too hot... and have slowly been trying to figure out how to maintain the 'loudness' I'm used to my tracks having while keeping the dynamics intact 100%. Tricky stuff.

Anyhoot, good to see you back and I enjoyed your dark sounds... thks for the listens.