2 NEW FREAK MP3 RELEASES TODAY!! FreakMP3028 And FreakMP3029 & More News!


Hey all!

2 Brand new EXCLUSIVE releases have been added to the Freak MP3 Store today!!

Here is the info!

Both available Exclusive at the Freak MP3 Store!!

MP3 Store : http://freak.ithinkmusic.com


A new artist to the Freak Family! Hedj has a 12" alongside Cativo forth coming on Freak very soon and DJ Hidden has remixed another of his tracks that will be forthcoming on the Freak Family Drum Circle Explosion Vol.2 (More Info Soon). This is a little teaser and something he made especially for FreakMP3! This is a nasty beast of a track, If you are a fan of CV & Limewax then you will LOVE this as to me it sounds like a collaboration of all 3 :) Nasty ass beats & edits and bass to kill! Trust me this ones deadly


Zardonic steps up and brings Basic Operations "White" upto 2010! This is a subtle rework, adding new drums and edits but keeping the structure of the track the same! always a big dancefloor fave, Zardonic's tweaks have brought it back again to rock even more dancefloors!


We are aware we have some kind of crazy virus attack on the forum, This sucks even more after some asshole stole my domain which gave us more downtime, now this? if anyone knows what to do HELP! :( free tunes for ya & more!!

Next....I'm really excited to tell you that myself (Dylan) & Kitech have been working on an Album together!! We are half way through and couldn't be more pleased! We have plenty of Non D&B special guests on the LP that i will announce soon! Right now i am touring America to test run some of the LP and Kitech is doing the same in Europe! Bookings at angeruk@gmail.com! get excited....We are!!

I have sooo much news to tell you all that i'm going to have to do another news update soon! Don't want all the info getting lost in your mushy heads!!! But i'm so pleased to be in the studio pretty much 24/7 again! expect lots from myself just like the old days aahhhhhhh! Oh but also...Freak Family Drum Circle Explosion Part 2 Coming soon!

And don't forget the MERCHANDISE STORE!! Always new stuff going up! Recently added Technical Itch - You Need Therapy CD'S (Also added to download store) and new military hats, Hoodies & T shirts coming soon!!

Merch Store : http://therapyfreak.bigcartel.com

I'm going to stop now or i'll be here all day!

Thanks & Enjoy!

Dylan xx

PS. The new web address for all things Freak is www.freakobscene.com (or it should be...damn virus)