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[xgn011] Malevolent Wavelength
A. Malevolent Wavelength - Latin Roulette
B. Malevolent Wavelength - Designed To Die

Atmospheric darkness from Malevolent Wavelength, lush and chilled yet terrifying. Featuring live guitar from the man himself, rolling bass and creepy fx.Malwav (as he's also known) delivers two tracks here that wouldn't sound out of place in a horror film, were it not for his excellently programmed epileptic beats.

[xgnrmx001] Cube - Sound Engine Remixes LP

01. Scienide Remix
02. Original
03. TVG Remix
04. Hi-Lar Remix
05. Paradigm X Remix
06. Cloak and Dagger Remix
07. Rochie Bones Remix

The first installment of the Exegene remix series, where artists give anybody the chance to remix their song and the best remixes are included in an EP or LP. The first xgnrmx of Cube's Sound Engine brought remixes of different varieties from dark to ambient.

as usual.. available to download as 256k mp3's for free off www.exegene.com

Enjoy! Feedback appreciated. :)