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Hi, just came across this site, i have 2 mixes still online some of you might enjoy, mixes contain mostly older tunes, but some good stuff in it

Never Say Never Again


Dead Dred ‘Dred Bass’ (Moving Shadow)
>> Dead Dred ‘Dred Bass’ (Moving Shadow)
Breakage ‘So Vain’ (Bassbin)
Digital ‘Smokin Dub’ (Function)
Calibre ‘Fire & Water’ (Soul:r)
>> Andy C & Shimon ‘Quest’ (Ram)
Ed Rush & Optical ‘Compound’ (Virus)
Red One ‘Kung Fu Fresh’ (Ram)
Nasty Habits ‘Shadow Boxing (remix)’ (White)
>> Kemal ‘Bleed’ (Negative)
Dom & Roland ‘Killa Bullet’ (Moving Shadow)
Silent Witness ‘Atlanta’ (Critical)
Digital ‘Void VIP’ (Function)
Tango & Ratty ‘Snake Style’ (Function)
Desired State ‘Mindgames’ (Ram)
Calibre ‘Think’ (Signature)
SKC & Safair ‘Free My Soul’ (Hospital)
EZ Rollers ‘Tough at the Top (Origin Unknown remix)’ (Moving Shadow)
>> Pendulum ‘Trail Of Sevens’ (Renegade Hardware)
Ed Rush & Optical ‘Millenium’ (Virus)
Andy C & Shimon ‘Nightflight’ (Ram)
>> Wots My Code ‘Dub Plate (Total Science remix)’ (CIA)
Stakka & Skynet ‘Decoy’ (Underfire)
>> Moving Fusion ‘Turbulence’ (Ram)
Fresh ‘Signal’ (Ram)
>> Fresh ‘Signal’ (Ram)


Classics Galore


Dillinja ‘All Aboard’ (Valve, 2001)
>> Moving Fusion ‘Turbulence’ (Ram, 1998)
J.Majik ‘The Lizard’ (Infrared, 2000)
Chase & Status ‘Trapdoor’ (Renegade Hardware, 2005)
Matrix & Fierce ‘Tightrope’ (Metro, 2000)
Cause 4 Concern ‘White Widow’ (Subtitles, 2001)
Mampi Swift ‘The One’ (Charge, 1997)
MIST ‘Outtaspace’ (Soul:r, 2003)
High Contrast ‘Return Of Forever’ (Hospital, 2002)
Dj Zinc ‘Ska’ (True Playaz, 2002)
Taxman ‘The Rebate’ (Propaganda, 2004)
Bad Company ‘Planet Dust’ (Prototype, 2001)
Aquasky ‘Structure’ (Sonix, 2001)
Hatiras ‘Spaced Invader (J.Majik remix)’ (Infrared/Defected, 2001)
>> Ram Trilogy ‘Titan’ (Ram, 2000)
Special Forces ‘The End (remix)’ (Photek Records, 2003)
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch ‘Minor Nine’ (Defcom, 2007)
Special Forces ‘Babylon VIP’ (TekDBZ, 2003)
Andy C ‘Roll On’ (Ram, 1995)
Twisted Anger ‘Faithless’ (Dread, 2002)
Ed Rush & Optical ‘Bacteria (Pendulum rmx)’ (Virus, 2004)
Bad Company ‘4 days’ (BC Recordings, 1999)
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch ‘Lost All Faith VIP’ (Defcom, 2007)
MIST ‘Loose Control’ (Metalheadz, 2001)
Dillinja ‘Silver Blade’ (Sony, 1997)
Future Forces ‘Dead by Dawn’ (Renegade Hardware, 1996)
Mampi Swift ‘Trippin’ (Charge, 2001)

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