2 jump up tunes..


not a fan of jump up, but....

interchangeabillity: drums are ok, the bass sounds very cheap and the sub needs more power to it.

strawberry: bass same as above + the sequence of it is a bit monotonous. I find the constantly repeating vocals a bit irritating imo.

Overall: nice effort seeing u only produce since late 2008.
Nazdar femfing!

I have been listening to Interchangeability. The things I like about this track is the dynamism, really feel like jumping around! Wasn't for my achey body, would definitely start jumpin here to the amazement of my poor wife! :D

Things that I would recommend tweaking would be mainyl the vocals (any added gritiness or some sort of vocoding could do the trick).

The lead can become a bit uncomfortable for tired ears... so I would definitely have a look at eq. Also, maybe changing it through the track - i.e. use Cyanide 2 and modify the wave slightly so that it does not induce tiredness.

Absolutely loved the lo-fi videogamey element in minute 2:30 ish, that's a clever gimmick! :D

Overall: I think that your song could benefit with being left alone for 2-3 weeks without any more tweaks, then have another listen in 2 or 3 systems (headphones, your car's speakers, a good monitor if you can manage to get one) and write all the elements that would need tweaks...

Best regards and good luck :)

Interchangeability- the beat sounds really good, incredibly good if you've been producing for such a short while, but there's no structure whatsoever. The track starts with the synth, so when it drops there's no impact, and there seems to be little or no sub. Drums are good tho.

Strawberry- i can only assume the vocal is a joke. That's hilarious!!
I love this!!!!!!!!! Seriously tho, same criticism as before, no real stucture and no sub. You could try layering that synth with a straight sine wave, should help. He violated me!!