2 Huge Shows Live Tonight On DDz Playing Top D&B With Studio Cam!!

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    2 HUGE Shows Tonight On Different Drumz -

    6-8pm(GMT) - The Faerie Liquid Launch Show with our latest member to the crew Rain.Bo! Selekta Playing the best in smooth and sexy liquid D&B with Live Studio Cam!

    Followed by DJ Common Knowledge 8-10pm(GMT)!!

    These are both going to be huge shows so please make sure to drop by and show your support!

    See you in the chatroom for shouts, requests & the usual banter!!

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    Faerie Liquid Launch Show with Rain.Bo! Selekta Live Now & Rollin!!

    Get involved peoples - www.differentdrumz.co.uk/chat.html

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    Common Knowledge Live Now on DDz playing the best in a wide selection of D&B! Come and join in the madness people - www.differentdrumz.co.uk/chat.html