2/28 CLAW (Hulk*Brotown*Furthersound) -NYC @ Hot Water


Only once in your life do you get to say good bye to your twenties,
well unless I live to be 120 (Leap Year) :p

CLAW -New York

Claw emerged in Houston, Texas in 1999, at the age of 15. He was well-received from the start, making contacts with the local rave DJ’s of the time. By the time he was 16, he was playing at some of Houston’s bigger underground parties and weekly events. After graduating high school, he moved to Florida to pursue music as a profession and began playing at weekly events. After finishing his music engineering studies at Fullsail in Orlando, Claw made his way across New York working at numerous studios with various engineers and producers. He then moved to Las Vegas to pursue his record label with TrillBass, which he co-founded. Claw also just did an official Dubstep remix for Wu-Tang that debuted at # 7 on the ITunes Hip Hop chart, and is currently back living in NY to run his art gallery and record label ventures.

After Claw left TrillBass in October of 2009, he teamed up with Chicago's Richie August to form the group "HULK". They have already been touring across the states for months and their first official release dropped on Reid Speeds’ "Play Me Records" as a Beatport exclusive in January of 2010. The release contains the tracks, “See You” and “Angeldust” with official remixes by King from Las Vegas. Hulk has also recently launched their own record label, "BroTown Records" with the help of Symphonic Distribution. This new venture already has the scene begging for the slated releases to drop, with songs by Claw and Richie August along BroTown artists Vaski, Druley, Mark Instinct, Symbl and their own moniker, HULK. Get ready for the biggest bass in the game, Hulk is here to SMASH!

CLAW - UPSTATE BASS <-----Click here!


1. Moonbeam ft Blackfeel Wite – First Night (NumberNin6 Remix)
2. Patrick Wallace – No Gravity (Claw Remix)
3. TrillBass ft Claw, Wes Green & Vive – Fly Away
4. Faithless – Sun To Me (Emalkay Remix)
5. Drake – Forever (Spl Remix)
6. Hulk – AngelDust
7. Reso – Technetium
8. Hulk – Prophecy
9. Richie August – Cloverfield (Claw Remix)
10. Vaski – Candy Shop
11. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Claw Remix)
12. Hulk – P.S.A
13. Hulk – Flatbrim Funk
14. Hulk – See You
15. Ivory – Hand Grenade (Excision & Datsik Remix)
16. Claw – Enhance
17. Ultrablack – Strawberry Lane
18. Hulk – Hot Peppers
19. NumberNin6 – Not This Time
20. Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies) Claw Remix

**(Trillbass & Hulk material listed co-produced by Claw)

6 vinyls, 36 individual tracks released across 16 labels

-Brotown (usa)
-Artery (usa)
-Trillbass Recs (usa)
-Shift Recs (usa)
-Play Me Recs (usa)
-Betamorph Recs (usa)
-Dirty Circuit (usa)
-Frank Radio/iHipHop (usa)
-Dubfront Recs (usa)
-1031 Recs (usa)
-Black Rreign Recs (usa)
-10bag (uk)
-Suicide Dub (uk)
-Cussproof Recs (uk)
-Ruff Recs (france)
-Dubkraft Recs (spain)

Hulk Vs. King (Play Me Recs – Usa)
Hulk – Angeldust
Hulk – See You

Dubsteppers for Haiti, Volume one (Betamorph recs – Usa)
Claw – Antisocial

(12″ / Digital / Cd) – Wu-tang Meets the Indie Culture, Vol. 2: Enter the Dubstep (Frank Radio/iHipHop Distribution – Usa)
Killah Preist, M-80, Doe Boy & Son One – Keep Hustlin (Trillbass Remix)

(12″) Set003 – (White label – Unkown)
Side aa. – “Herbsman”

(12″ / Digital) – Trillbass – Trill001 (Trillbass Recs – Usa)
Trillbass – Lotus
Trillbass – Contact High
Trillbass & Core – Ghost

(12″ / Digital) – Trillbass – Trill002 (Trillbass Recs – Usa)
Koan Sound – Mafia (Trillbass Pots & Pans Remix)

(12″ / Digital) – Ruff009 (Ruff Recs – France)
Trillbass – Tony Danza
Trillbass & Bro Safari feat. Mc Kemst – Fist Pump

Various Artists – The Green EP (Trillbass Recs – Usa)
Trillbass & Symbl – Kush
Trillbass – Snowcap

Symbl – Meh.(fukkit) (Trillbass Digital – Usa)
Do or Die – Po Pimp (Trillbass & Symbl Rmx)

Various – Inception (Betamorph recs. – Usa)
Trillbass – Coughin

Dubkraft recs. – The first 3 Years (DubKraft recs – Spain)
Claw feat. Jimmy Lonesome – Sour Diesel

Various – Betamorphosis Volume two (Betamorph – Usa)
Trillbass – Coughin

Trillbass – Weezey / Save Me From Myself (Dubfront Records – Usa)
Trillbass – Weezey

Various Artists – Dcr All Stars Vol. 1 (Dirty Circuit Records – Usa)
Trillbass – Huey Lewis

Various Artists – Razors Edge (Shift Recordings – Usa)
King – Don’t Taze Me Bro (Trillbass Remix)

(12″ / Digital) – Ultrablack & Claw – Baynger / Roll Heavy (10bag Recs – Uk)
Claw & Ultrablack – Roll Heavy

In Bass We Trust EP (Trillbass Recs – Usa)
Claw – Orion
Trillbass – Dope Pedal Riders

Various Artists – Trilldigi002 (Trillbass Digital – Usa)
Solace – Stackin (Trillbass VIP)
Trillbass & Symbl – Swagger

Street Science Vol. 2 (Shift Recordings – Usa)
Claw – Sweet Sensi

Counterpunch (Shift Recordings – Usa)
Claw – Freedom
Claw – Fuck up
Claw & Ultrablack – Our Sound
Ultrablack – Skullfucking (Claw VIP)

Claw & Zardonic – Ruckus / Ashtray (Suicide Dub – Uk)
Claw – Ruckus

Claw & KJ Sawka – Shiftdigi002 (Shift Recordings – Usa)
Claw – Death Wish

Claw – Jersey Shore Guidos (Suicide Dub – Uk)
Claw – Jersy Shore Guidos

Claw – Zen (Cussproof Recs – Uk)
Claw & Zardonic – Zen

Your Dirty Habit – The Remixes (1031 Recordings – Usa)
Your Dirty Habit (Trillbass Remix)

Various artists – Worldwide Babylon Vol. 1 (DubKraft Recs – Spain)
Claw feat. Jimmy Lonesome – Sour Diesel

Claw & Decade – Commander (Black Reign Recordings – Usa)
Claw & Decade – Commander


KRUSER & MAX OHM -Milwaukee/Madison
(Locked Down*Threyda*1%*Stupid Fly*Betamorph)

The birthday party for these two hooligans will be of epic proportions! Naming the party xXx was easy enough as Kruser is turning the clock to 30, and both of these guys can be summed up in a category of XXX dirtiness. For the first time ever, these two Dubstep envelope pushers meet up together behind the decks to show how Pisces throw down!

FORTUNE -Milwaukee

This lady has been beating the box in Milwaukee for many years, playing sets ranging anywhere from House to Breaks to 2-Step to Techno and Hip Hop. But for the first time ever she is going to step outside of that box and throw down an extra special Dubstep set just For U!

STATISTIC -Milwaukee

Wade See, Stats Domino, Ol' Daddy Staty, Justin Case, or whatever he is currently slingin' as a moniker will be in full effect like never before. Statistic has been collecting music for longer than most, and with the digital age at hand he has been locked away exploring new avenues of sound, and artists abroad. This mans passion for Drum & Bass music is unrivaled and he is about to show us a Statistic we have never heard before!

VJ BRYE -expect something brand new from Brye as he is about to unleash a brand new way of VJing. VJ Brye being given absolute free reign to do what he does best, and do it dirty. Hot Water will be transformed into a visual Shangri-La!


$5 before 11PM - 21+ w/I.D. - 9-Close