1st upload! Original DnB/Vocal Hip Hop mash-up comedy mix?


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Aug 8, 2008
First post and upload so please be gentle!
This is a mix I produced on my computer comprising various mashups/mixes of tracks I have done in the past, it's not the regular dnb thing so please let me know what you think, good or bad, it'll help in future.

Its hard to provide a tracklisting because of the nature of the mix but these tracks are included:

Lovage - To Catch A Thief
Biz Markie & Elephant Man - Crazy (Zero Tolerance Remix)
Wierd Al Yankovic - White & Nerdy
XRS & Gilberto - Gil Dia De Sol (Drumagick Remix)
Young Ax - Into The Deep
Dark Soldier vs Ray Keith - Defender
Lovage - Stroker Ace
Original Sin - Don't Be Silly
Mickey Finn & Erb N' Dub - Attention
DJ Yoda - Chatterbox
Dan Le Sac & Scroobious Pip - Development
Kill Switch - Bangin Headz
MC Pitman - Waiting
Dieselboy - Fatal
Propane With A Twist (Pendulum vs The Futureheads) - Hersnab Bottle
Fuck Peace!(Blacksun Empire & Noisia - Winter War) - Hersnab Bottle vs The Kersal Massive & Blacksun Empire

[7.2MB] [15min]


Once the page has loaded you can listen to the mix or download the file by right clicking on the big DOWNLOAD link!

I'm sorry for the idents and the low quality (had my original stuff/mixes nicked in the past, once bitten!) if anyone is genuinely interested in a higher quality mix please leave a comment or PM or something and I'll work out a way to get a full unadulterated copy to you sharpish.

Also made some videos for tracks from this mix and put them on YouTube you can see them here:

Kersal Massive Remix (2008 FINAL!)
Propane With A Twist! - Pendulum vs The Futureheads

All of the above is my own work videos and all etc and the mix inspired the videos not the other way round!

Hope you enjoy the mix please let me know what you think! :alf:
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