- 1st Mix Recorded - DnB / Jungle Bangers -

Yo.. Heres my 1st mix.. Recorded a flawless one only to play it back and the sound levels were all distorted.. So heres the 2nd attempt, by which time the cider was fully flowing and i was lagging a bit. Anyway, there aint no excuses! Im mostly happy with this mix, a couple of dodgy mixes predominantly at the start and the finish, the 40 minutes in the middle is pretty much sweet. I'd like to hear anyones feedback/comments/criticism. 100% vinyl.

I play under the name of Serkus.


Aries & Murda - Ganja Farmer
Kenny Ken & Mace - Fire
Serial Killaz - Authentic
Serial Killaz - Fool Sound
Ebony Dubsters - Power Of Ra
Taktix - Its The Way (Serum Remix)
MA2?? - Unknown ???
Northern Lights & Serum - Dont Let Go
Marvellous Cain - Hitman (Bladerunner Mix)
The Dream Team - Rolling Numbers
Congo Natty - Code Red (Serial Killaz Remix)
The Dream Team - 16 Track Ting (Soulculture Remix)
Rebel Mc Feat Top Cat - Champion DJ (Serial Killaz Remix)
16AJ - The Flip
Deportee - Undercover Bad Bwoy (RARE!)


Thanks a lot :)
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