Dubstep [1st Dubstep track] Z1LCH - Nebula (niKulo remix)

My first Dubstep Track DNB Guys :D

since i kinda really pushed my creativity the last months (uploaded 5 songs in march), i didnt really know what to do next, so i tried some stuff, a new own track, another remix, but nothing worked.

until Z1LCH (producer friend from portugal) sent me the remix stems from his track nebula.
i heard the Arpeggiator melody, and made a quick intro with the vocals, and somehow.. it worked.

i tried a simple drop, and for the first time ever i decided to go dubstep drop first.
(i seriously tried before, with some of my songs, but until now i always went the electro house way), ok the track is only half dubstep, but still i kinda feels like a dubstep track :D

also i tried with my friend Wolfgang, to add some metal guitar riffs, but the track was almost done at that point, and i didnt really manage to mix them in, so there are only 2 small guitar plucks, or better only 1, because i made a synth out of the other one. ^^

BUT, im thinking of doing part 2 from this remix, because it just sounded fucking awesome with the heavy guitar on top :D so stay in touch ;D

really appreciate any sort of feedback ;))
thanks so much for your time as usual!
regards nico.