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Aug 31, 2008
New track up on my myspace now: www.myspace.com/viperdnb
Think I got the snare sounding nice and low thanks to nuteks advise, changed the drop now though, might put that version up later :)
If you listen please give me critisism or just what you think of it in general, cheers guys!
Trying to make a bit of dubstep right now, getting well into my dubstep at the mo. ;) :sadbana::bounce::gang_bang
the intro is sounding good bro, drums getting better each time too! the bassline idea is sweet but not fat enough. nice sample too (y)
The bass is pretty nice but not with that eq-ing. I'm sure you could get a bit more power out of it yet. Keep this track saved somewhere and come back to it to finish in a year when you've got the hang of your drums and mixing.
Agreed with what's been said, liked the intro and how it evolves and mixes with all the incoming elements. Bass sounds brilliant IMHO, and my only concern has also to do with QA'ing: listening to this bass might end up causing the typical "tired hearing" syndrome... It's just to prevalent and chances are that if you check its spectrum, is taking too much of medium frequencies, but I might be wrong...

But other than that, good job mate :)
Yeah, what the others say, the bass needs more "Umph!", want to feel it more, not low enough of a boom, ya know. I like the mix up in the bassline though, keepin' it interestin' a bit.
The untitled dub is playin' in my headphones now...keep at it bro, you def can make some nice dirty dubstep it seems...but same issue as the jumpup track, bass needs to boom more. If you work on it more, you can probably name it "Masqurade (Dubstep Mix)" by doin' some changes in samples or addin' samples the are the same as the jumpup tune, heh. just an idea, ha. Well impressed with the dubstep tune though for sure. pz & respect to ya'
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