Label 19thStudio presents [19STD03] Stereopath Remixed ft Animus,1way and Dj Oder remixes

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    Stereopath Remixed is the product of three Portuguese producers based in three differentEuropean countries remixing another. Anímus, 1way and Dj Oder remix Stereopathy.
    Anímus, dj, producer and mentor of DEFECT13, one of major Techno/minimal promotion agency in Tillburg/Eindhoven (Netherlands),
    1Way, London based Dj/Producer and the other player of Alma (being the other Stereopath himself) and part of the Faca Monstro collective,
    Dj Oder, renown Porto based Drum and bass dj/producer counting with numerous releases on high profile DNB labels, maybe the most famous Drum and Bass Portuguese basshead.

    Inside London’s smog (Anímus RmX): Animus gives a “techy” dancefloor twist by introducing a extremely balanced deep bass, heavy use of spiky textures and powerful use of a 4 by 4 rolling beat that make our feet hit the dancefloor with attitude.

    Sunrise in Battersea (1Way RmX): 1Way surprises us with a very unique blend of uptempotechno, dubstep and an ambient feel. The heavy use of percussion gives the track the twist that maybe the original needed to be played and raved on the dancefloor.

    Metropolis (Dj Oder): Dj Oder gets his hands on a time stretcher and the result is a heavy bass, frenetic and electrifying dancefloor hitter. Top quality drum and bass twist from a topnotch producer.

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