1993 Hardcore Jungle Mix

Its been a while since my last, going in abit more pirate style with this one


01 The Anthill Mob – Black Rushin’ (Anthill Remix) – Anthill
02 Harmony & Xtreme – “Red” Untitled (Side A) – SL001
03 Pugwash & Probe – Back From Hell – I.D
04 Tetrus – This Is A Dream – Liquid Wax
05 Goldie – Fury The Origin – FFRR
06 Dance Conspiracy – Dub War (Pascal ’93 Remix) – White
07 DJ Undercut – Floating – Deep & Dark
08 DJ Junk – Junk 06 Untitled (Side AA1) – Junk
09 Corruption – Flurocarbon E.P Untitled (Side A) – White
10 DJ Fokus & DJ Stardust – The Theme – Blueprint
11 Dillinger – Untitled (Side B2) – Wave Form
12 Original DJ Vibes – Smoking Dope (Dope Mix) – Dance Floor Studios
13 Xenophobia – The Phoenix – White
14 The Joker – The Joker – Skanna
15 Arabian Knights – Soundforce (Man Like Magoo In The Mix) – Soundman
16 Made To Menace – Ruff Guide – Troublesome
17 New Force – Unidentified Feeling – New Force

1993 Mix Series : http://www.hardscore.com/?cat=198


VIP Junglist
I downloaded this when I saw you posted it on Discogs. I really enjoyed this set a great deal! The tune that I actually want to track down because of this set is that Tetris "This is a Dream". That tune has such beautiful 1980s soundscapes that sound mystical and magical. It actually reminds me of the game Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon which I must have played through 4 times because I loved the 80s inspired electronic music and visuals so much. That DJ Junk track wasn't bad either, it was quite nice. I only have Junk 4, 5, and his greatest hits album myself so 6 is one to get for sure.
Thanks '92!

There's quite a few Liquid Wax tracks in this style, soundscape as you say really sums it up.

It took me forever to find that DJ Junk track, i remembered a track with a 'frog' noise lol but wasn't until some years later i discovered some audio on a pirate radio tape & got the ID, pretty lo-fi.