1992's mix for the week of 03/11/2002: 1992 PLATINUM NIGHT


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01). Aquastep "Oompa Lumpa (vocal)" (Wonka Beats 1005)
02). Black Ops One "92 Track EP" (Brave 001)
03). Cosmo & Dibs "Star Eyes (Remix)" (Moving Shadow 25)
04). Micky Finn "Summer Break" (Urban Shakedown URBST1)
++). Micky Finn "Summer Break" (Urban Shakedown URBST1)
05). ???? - Love The 'Ardkore EP (Quest 001)
06). 4 Hero "Golden Age (Remix)" (Reinforced 1250R)
07). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "Now Get Up" (Brain 50)
++). DMS "Vengence" (Production House)
08). Structural Damage "Really Livin" (Symphony Sounds 001)
09). DJ Seduction "Come On" (FFRR TABX111)
10). Ray Keith "Dubplate (Jump Around Rmx)" (Advance 001)
11). Blame "This Piano Track" (Moving Shadow 24)
12). Remy presents The Traveller II "Sudden Impact" (Wonka Beats 1006)
++). Smooth But Hazerdous "Made You Dance" (Basement 007)
13). Astrospider "2001 Rave Odyssey (Remix)" (Wonka Beats 1001)
14). DJ Slipmatt "SMD 2 *black side*" (SMD2)
15). Isotonik "Rush" (FFRR TABX108) *Grooverider Production*
++). Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era "Far Out" (Suburban Base)
16). Serotonin "Rumblism" (KT001) *Krome & Time*
17). Smart E's "Loose Control (2 Bad Mice Rmx)" (Suburban Base 15)
18). Ruff Rider "Drugged Culture" (Sonic Records SEP-004)
19). DJ Seduction "Sub Dub" (Impact 009) *purple vinyl*
20). N-Joi "Boom Bass" (Deconstruction)
21). Jambo "L'Echo L'Echo" (Wonka Beats 1007)
22). Dani Duck "Quack Quack Quack..." (Brassbuttonbears 9985338)

DBL's mix for the week of 03/11/2002: 1992 PLATINUM NIGHT DEMO TAPE (STREAM)
DBL's mix for the week of 03/11/2002: 1992 PLATINUM NIGHT DEMO TAPE (DOWNLOAD)

Ok so I'm a wee bit lazy this week as I've uploaded a mostly pre-recorded set. This is the tape I gave out to 4 lucky people at the 1992 Platinum night in Philly (Phazeone and Dara, Henry and another promoter). I liked it so much I thought it would be good to upload it however that side ends at 45 minutes so I added a few tunes at the end to fill it up an hour. I hope you all enjoy it and hopfully the copies I gave out will somehow land me some gigs..... who knows, I'm not crossing my fingers. If your a promoter in the NYC/NJ/PA area who might be interested email me and I'll send you off this tape, I have 6 more copies. The flip has 2002 DnB, I didn't upload that side because its basicly a rehash of last weeks DOA mix.

DOA crew, take note of the DJ Slipmatt track. Alot of you seem to be clue less about DJ Slipmatt because you keep thinking the picture of Slipmatt in my sig is ME?!?! I can't believe theres DnB fans that don't know the genius that is Slipmatt!



This is Dog Fort
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Listenin' to it for a bit right now! :D

oompa! lumpa!

Slipmatt is a god, those that don't know, need to get to know! AYE! :p