1992_-_Temple_of_Techno.mp3 (150bpm Jungle Tekno)


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I haven't made any tunes in a while because I was fed up with my outdated audio programs. Well it just so happens that I scored the latest copy of Acid Pro and so now I have some new gimics to play with. This version, 4.0, has EQing for each channel, special effects like my favorite, reverb, and other such things.

This tune is really just so that I could try out the new effects but it came out pretty darn good. The best thing about it is that it has my favorite bass line ever, the "rising and falling" sinewave bassline. For the longest time I couldn't make one of these but this Acid Pro version has an effect that can take a streight bassline and bend it up and down. I actually spent hours trying to figure out how to get the "Vibrato" effect to do what I wanted it to do. Since it quickly looses synch I just recorded one pass and then cut and pasted it around. The main stab sound in the tune comes from the Amen Brother record (Its some sort of horn), I used a chain of effects on it to give it that high pitched ravey sound (its pretty phat ehh?)

I 'think' the song sounds pretty clear too, well tell me what you think please.

Download: 1992_-_Temple_of_Techno.mp3



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Kinda atmospheric hardcore techno breaks. I like it!

I'd layer another bass noise over the sine wave, maybe notched up at 150-300 hz or so. Like the stab, it is fat. Interesting vox sample :p Song kinda meanders around for a while until the break comes back in at about 5:10 though.