1992 - Warehoused (05/27/2001)


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Mar 4, 2002

I've always wanted to play my records in a nice dirty warehouse with horrible acustics where the sound reverberates off the filthy walls creating this sick wall of sound thats endless.

I never got to do that in quite the way I wanted. Technically, I did once at a party in CT called "Diablo" but it sucked so that doesn't count.

The Experiment:
The next best thing is to recreate the horrible sound of a big warehouse party using bedroom studio techniques, a Korg Kaoss Pad and an anologe cassette deck. The Kaoss Pad provides the reverb and the anologe cassette deck provides the warm distortion sound that you would find on any live event recording. Due to all this the sound quality is quite bad but that was the point of it all after all.

The Result:
What I ended up with is a very realistic live event recording that wasn't an event at all. Listening to it in my car was an event though! After I made it I took a trip to the shore. While on my way there I was traveling on RT 206 south, I was entering Chester where this just off the boat Indian ass hole in front of me signaled that he was going to make a right turn. I went around him on the left and it was at that very point that the cunt changed his mind and went left RIGHT INTO ME!!!! This guy worked at the Shell station and apparently was VERY FRIENDLY with the local Chester Police. So even though he was clearly wrong, he was able to bribe the Chester PD into giving me the ticket. I was 9 minutes into listening to this mix when this happened, at Advance//d Records 002. Whenever I think of Q Project's "Trouble" I'll remember my trouble with the bastard Indian that works at that shitty Shell station.

Partial Tracklisting:
01). Something by Digital ??
02). Something on Lucky Spin Records ??
03). Q-Project "Trouble" (Advance//d 002)
04). DJ Ink "?????" Cylon Records
05). Cause 4 Concern "Symptom" (Renegade Hardware)
06). Dara "???? Some track that ripps off Noise Factory ???"
07). Bad Company "The Nine" (Bad Company Recordings Repress)
08). ?????? Ripps off After Dark "Come with me" ????
09). Simon Bassline Smith "Jungle (Digital Remix)" (Function Records)
10). A-Sides "??????" (Hard Leaders)
11). ???? Ripps off a 1991 bleep & bass track ????
12). Bad Company "Planet Dust" (Prototype)
13). A-Sides "Spread Love" (Hard Leaders)
14). Total Science "Jet Set" (Advance//d 001 + Autographed by both.)
15). ????? Wicked deep ardcore revival track ????
16). ???? More of the same, nice track ???
17). ???? Sick amen break track, released as a double pack with a plain white cardboard sleave via Moving Shadow
18). ????? "Dub Specialist" ?????
19). ????? "Hoovers & Spraycans (Dylan Remix)"
20). ???? Sick mentasm sampling ardkore revival track ????
21). ???? Mental amen ardkore revival choon ????
22). ??? Another sick amen track ????
23). Dylan "The Enemy" (Cylon 002 + Autographed)
24). ??? "Vibe" (Reinforced) *came with a skip... GRRRRRR!!!!*
25). Deep Blue "Fantasy #3" (Moving Shadow)
26). DJ Zinc "Casino Royal" (True Playerz)
27). Hatris "Space Invaderz (J Magik Remix)"
28). ????Some 1993 'Ardkore record on Home Grown Recordings????

I have some cool records in my collection damn! Its so neat that I can't even remember the names of them, its been well over 8 years since I've played any of these.

Download Side A, the 320kbps 44khz 105mb 45.59min MP3.

Download Side B, the 320kbps 44khz 105mb 46.05min MP3.

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