1992 - The Number of the Beast (05/19/05)


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I've had a pile of ~1993 darkcore records beside my speaker for the past 6 months or so... collecting dust. I've wanted to do a set of these for a while but I couldn't be bothered until now. This set was not planned at all, it was totaly spontanious and you can hear that in the mix, for better or for worse. Now that its said and done theres plenty of missed tunes that I wish I included such as "The Box" and "Rolling Energy". So it goes without saying that theres room for a Part 2. Not only that but this mix wasn't as dark as I would have liked. Satan wasn't summoned by my dark selection this time, I think he was put off by my inclusion of Floor Filler and DJ Seduction.

CD Art:

*note: This time, my CD art features images from my room, a Pin Head and a skull model lit by my Martin MX-1 projectors.*

01). Manga Corps "War Dancer" (IST O14)
02). Blame "Sykological" (Moving Shadow 33)
++). Blame "Sykological" (Moving Shadow 33)
03). Blame "A21" (Moving Shadow 33)
04). EZE-G "Data Dump E.P." (Unatural Light MRI001)
05). Shimon "Predator Remix" (Ramm 10R)
06). J. Williams "Call of the Wild" Boogie Beat BOGB16T))
07). T Power "Future Wars" (Soapbar SBR010)
08). Confussion "Come On Boyee!" (Liquid Wax HAN25)
09). DJ Phantasy & Gemini "Stop The Beat" (Liquid Wax HAN20)
10). SMF "Twisted Bungle" (Rugged-Vinyl 2)
11). EZE-G & BDP "????" (Unatural Light MRI002)
12). DJ Solo "Darkage" (Production House PNT 050)
13). EZE-G & BDP "????" (Unatural Light MRI002)
14). Kid Andy + Nickel Bee "Lost in the Dark" (Boogie Beat BOG-R42T)
15). Nose Bleed "Left Nostril" (Face Records 003)
16). Johnny Jungle "Johnny" (Face Records 004)
17). Origin Unknown "Valley of the Shadows" (Ramm 16)
18). DJ Trace "Inside Information" (LSR/BM001) *white vinyl*
19). Phantasy & Smooth "The Chop" (Sound Entity 1209)
20). DJ Crystl "Meditation Remix" (Dee Jay DJX0018)
21). Floor Filler "So Much Joy" (Sound Entity 1207)
22). DJ Crystl "Warp Drive Remix" (Dee Jay DJX0018)
23). Junglite "Dangerous" (Wicked Sounds 03)
24). FBD Project "The Core" (Bangin Tunes BT003)
25). Johnny Jungle "Johnny (Pascal 94 Mix)" (Suburban Base 44)
26). Slipmatt "Breaking Free" (Awesome SL021)
27). Danny Breaks "Droppin Science vol.1 (Harmony RMX)" (DS001R)
28). Red Alert & Mike Slammer "In Effect - The Remix" (Slammin 005)
29). Noise Factory "Come Inside" (3rd Party 6)
30). EXE-G "Stepping Up" (Unatural Light MRI003)
31). Nasty Habbits "Here Comes The Drumz Remix" (Reinforced 12433R)
32). Original DJ Vibes "I Can't Understand" (Spinning Vynal SV001)
33). DOPE "When I Was Young (Easy B & T-Bags RMX)" (Rugged-Vinyl 1)
34). Cloud 9 "You Got Me Burnin' (Ray Keith RMX)" (Moving Shadow 37)
35). Sunshine Productions "I'll Be There" (JAL 004)
36). Static Substance " Ghetto People Remix" (Impact 013)

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Off site appreciation via the Nile message board:
"I needed to hear this shit, drum and bass/jungle has become too predictable and stagnant to me in the past few years - when the very opposite is what my attraction to it was. The mix was refreshing." - FUCKING DEATH!
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:rinsed: WICKED SET OF TRACKS. takes a bit of time to download. but that doesn't matter a must have........ DUDE got any rotterdam records and lenny dee stuff would make for a great set. please try. 1992 you know just what us old school raver's need. (and thats not walking stick's) keep it up my man....... :rave:

I have like two Industrial Strenght records and two Rotterdam records and two IST records.... Thats it! Ohh and I have the Delta 9 "Disco Inferno" CD. So unfortunatly you won't see one of these out of me but I would totaly love to download one! Glad you liked this though. - 1992
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Im lovin this mix i keep playin in me motor man..
hey can anyone put the whole Shimon-Predator 12 on mp3 for us man..
i so wish i had that beast i had it once 98 but like a numb nut sold it with a batch of others... COCK:jay:


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Thank the rave lord in the sky that you had those records by your bed..... brings '92-'93 flooding back to an old misbehaver. Top set & thanks v much


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actually 1992, what are the odds of you doing another darkside special like this?
cause I need more ....

Probably slim because I didn't really enjoy this set much myself, it was almost too depressing. Glad you enjoyed it though. I do have a bunch of new 1992/3 records that I'll be doing a mix of soon but these are more on a happy tip. Actually, since I'm a fan of complaining I'll tell you why this mix leaves a sour taste in my mouth. What really pissed me off is last summer when I was working on an enclosed amusement ride (with a sound system) for fun. The owner of the pier was actually listening to this mix play in the ride when he asked me why the music sounds like shit. I knew right then and there that I was going to quit in a short time which I did. - 1992
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