1992 - The LIVE PA 1998 (09/25/2003)


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Back in 1998 I only had a copy of Rebirth to make music on. The way it comes out of the box per say is nothing more then a toy for those who wish they had a TB303. It had a little 808 sound bank as well for beats. Then they came out with an improved version which added a 909 sound bank and a really neat filter that had a bunch of preset patterns. That was nice to play with if your drunk but it wasn't until someone came with the idea of making MODs for rebirth that things got cool.

I made a MOD called X-Static which replaced the 808 samples with 1992 sounds and replaced some of the lamer 909 sounds with Amen and Think breaks. I then make X-Static 2.0 which just replaced some of the graphics. I don't know how much my MOD was downloaded but I did include a demo song which was the Live PA. I think I called it "Style Wars" because I thought each track in the set was a different style but as it turns out its all 'Ardkore.

I call it a Live PA because if anyone knows how Rebirth works, you have to sequence everything LIVE which really sucks. So because of how Rebirth won't let you edit your sequence and it has to be LIVE, I therefor concider this a LIVE PA. Also due to the restrictions of Rebirth, the whole thing was mono and pretty flat sounding.

Once I got a better version of Acid Pro I decided to go back and revisit this in 2003. It took me many years to fix this up, but when I did, I made it stereo, added effects, and added even more samples. Also at the time Dubbaya was president and pushing his Skull & Bones NWO agenda so I spiced up one of the tracks with his words for that 1992 E.B.N. vibe.

01). 1992 - Fresh Air
02). 1992 - Ugh!
03). 1992 - Bush in the Jungle
04). 1992 - Three, Two, One, Vamp
05). 1992 - Bumrush the Sound
06). 1992 - Ratty
07). 1992 - Jacobs Ladder
08). 1992 - Fresh Air (Reprise)

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