1992 - The Jungle Room, A Tribute to The Freight Yard, Allentown, PA (09/27/2008)

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    This is the most epic JUNGLE mix you will ever hear, PERIOD!

    Decided to finish uploading this one as I listened to the Fabio classic jungle show on Radio 1 last night. I've been sleeping on uploading this for a while due to all the research that had to be done on the tracklisting because I don't like to do tracklistings and as we all know.... No one on here will download a bloody mix without a tracklist.

    This is a tribute to the Jungle Room at The Freight Yard night club that was located in Allentown PA, USA. The Jungle Room was the basement of the warehouse. It had low ceilings, lots of blacklights, and on occasion an Argon water cooled cyan colored laser, Martin 218 Roboscans or 805 Roboscans. This was the first physical place that I heard jungle music and it was ... well ... life changing to be perfectly honest.

    The Jungle room was home to Jungle DJs and Producers like: Diesel Boy, Method One, Jordana "1.8.7." LeSense, Trace, Karl K, Austin (from Suburban Base), Soul Slinger, and Geoff-E.

    This set is my best attempt to capture various eras of Jungle that was played in that basement. Its a 6 hour set that plays like several DJs playing a night in that basment. It should be listened to all at once. Preferably in a room equiped with lots of mirror scanners, moonflowers, strobes, fog machine, and a tight sound system. However, I'm probably the only one here who is into dance music that much to have such a room so your forgiven if your not as crazy as I. This mix also works good at the gym as the speed is just right to keep an eliptical machine going without it shutting off on you.


    Part 1: 320kbps 44khz 149.15min 341mb

    01). M-Beat "Incredible (Original Mix)" - (Payday/FFRR) Respect to Ali-G Indahouse!
    02). Deep Blue "Fantasy #1" (Moving Shadow 41)
    03). Origin Unknown "Valley of the Shadows (Original Mix)" (RAMM 16)
    04). DJ 3D "How Many Ways" (Dub Society Recording DSR001)
    05). Johnny Jungle "Johnny '94 (Kings of the Jungle Remix)" (Suburban Base 44)
    06). Shogun "Wind Dancer (Remix)" (R & S Records 96086)
    07). Rev-P "1994" (Impact 022)
    08). DOPE "Traveling (Slow Train to Philly Mix)" (Good Looking GLR005)
    09). Boogie Times Tribe "Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix)" (Suburban Base SBP 027)
    10). Just Jungle "Next Sound" (Trouble on Vinyl 12017)
    11). Hackney Hardcore "Rudie (Champion Mix)" (Strictly Underground STUR 50)
    12). D'Cruze "Ruf Intelligence (Mix 2)" (Ruf Intelligence RI001)
    13). Original DJ Vibes "Giving You My Love (Dub Mix)" (Active Records AR8)
    14). Sufi "River (Boymerang Mix)" (Secret Agent Records 003)
    15). Elisabeth Troy "Let Me Be (L Double Mix)" (SOUR 028)
    16). S. Hosoe "Ridge Racer (Ray Keith's Jazz Dub Mix)" (JVC Music JVCD-0002-06)
    17). ????? Phat Trax Records. Might be Phat Trax 08 or nearby.
    18). The Dream Team "Stamina" (Suburban Base 49)
    19). Skool of Hard Knocks "Dressback" (Sonic Records 002)
    20). Just Jungle "As We Enter" (Trouble On Vinyl TOV 12 007)
    21). ???? "easyboy" / "change the future" samples, beautiful strings ?????
    22). LTJ Bukem "Music" (Good Looking GLR004 Repress)
    23). The Invisible Man "The Bell Tune" (Good Looking GLRPIT002LP)
    23). DJ Rap "Spiritual Aura" (Proper Talent PTC001)
    24). ???? This is a remix by Peshay and its on MoWax - no info on Discogs ????
    25). Digital "Niagra" (Metalheads 021)
    26). DJ 3D "Jungle Intellect" (Dub Society Recordings DSR001)
    27). Flytronix "Ready Ta Flow" (Moving Shadow 72)
    28). Skool of Hard Knocks "I Am So Mellow" (Force Ten 005)
    29). Bay B Kane "The Breeze" (White House WYHSX 040)
    30). Hard Science "Abduction" (Phat Trax 13)
    31). Trace & Nico "Replicant" (Idiosyncratic Records IDIOS1)
    32). L Double "The Shit" (Flex Records FLEXCL 001)
    33). Just Jungle "Rolling Gats" (Trouble on Vinyl TOV 12 017)
    34). ???? Bootleg - not on Discogs. Might be L Double ????
    35). DJ Hype "You Must Think First" (Ganja Records GANJACL001)
    36). Leviticus "Burial (Lovers Rock Mix)" (Philly Blunt Records PB001)
    37). Roni Size "Daylight" (Full Cycle Records FCY 002)
    38). Danny Breaks "Ghetto Born Kid" (Droppin' Science DS007)
    39). Trinity "Gangsta" (Philly Blunt PB003)
    40). DJ Taktix "Untitled * 2" (Back 2 Basics B2B 12026)
    41). Dope Skillz "6 Million Ways" (Frontline 011)
    42). DJ Zinc "Super Sharp Shooter (Remix)" (Ganja Records GAN011)
    43). Dred Bass "Smokin' Cans (B2B Remix)" (Back 2 Basics 12036)
    44). DJ Zinc "So Damn Fresh (Remix)" (Ganja Records GAN011)

    Part 2 320kbps 44khz 148.49min 336mb

    44). DJ Zinc "So Damn Fresh (Remix)" (Ganja Records GAN011)
    45). Ed Rush "What's Up" (No U-Turn NUT 014)
    46). Rollers Instinct "Mid Town Method" (Emotif Recordings EMF 003)
    47). Andy C & Shimon "Quest" (RAM Records RAMM17)
    48). ???? Something on V/A Techsteppin LP on Emotif ????
    49). Andy C & Shimon "Night Flight" (RAM Records RAMM17)
    50). ???? Emotif 003 or 004 ????
    51). Grooverider "Get Stoned" (Emotif Recordings EMFLP 001)
    52). Mental Power "Ghetto Red Hot" (Formation Records FORM 12063)
    53). Dope Skillz "Yo' Son" (Frontline 011)
    54). Urban Bliss "Untouchable" (Strange 01)
    55). Trinity "I Selassie I" (Philly Blunt Records PB003)
    56). Urban Bliss "Spellbound" (Strange 01)
    57). Skool of Hard Knocks "Everybody (Back 2 Basics Remix)" (Grand Larceny GL 006)
    58). Skool of Hard Knocks "The Bommer" (Sonic Recordings SON-002)
    59). Aphrodite "Tower Bass" (Aphrodite Recordings APH-23)
    60). Nasty Habits "Shadow Boxing (The Remix)" (31 Records 31R 004)
    70). DJ Zinc "Damn" (True Playaz TPR 12 007)
    72). Ray Keith "Dark Soilder (Back in the day mix)" (Dread Recordings DREADLP003)
    73). DJ Zinc "Reach Out (Remix)" (True Playaz TPR 12 007)
    74). Aphrodite "Bomber" (Aphrodite Records - not sure which version I have)
    75). Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze "The Dreamer (Dr. S. Gatchet Remix)" (Urban Gorilla Recordings UGR002)
    76). Aphrodite "Basslights" (Aphrodite Recordings APH-19)
    77). Ray Keith "The Terrorist (PA Mix)" (Dread Recordings DREADLP003)
    78). Q Project "Champion Sound (Alliance Remix)" (Legend Records LEG+006)
    79). Aphrodite "Navigator (95' Lick)" (Aphrodite Recordings APH-19)
    80). Q Project "Night Moves (Alliance Remix)" (Legend Records LEG+006)
    81). Desired State "Goes Around" (Ram Records RAM RAMM13 Promo)
    82). Ed Rush & Nico "Bludclot Artattack" (No U-Turn NUT.30)
    83). Shimon "The Predator" (Ram Records RAMM 10)
    84). Shimon "The Predator (Remix)" (Ram Records RAMM 10R)
    85). Alaska & Nucleus "Project Two" (Nexus Records NEXUS 004)
    86). ???? Atmo Amen Choon ????
    87). Photek "Complex" (Photek PTK05)
    88). Slipmatt "Breaking Free" (Awesome Records SL021)
    89). DJ Rap & Outlaw Candy "Switch" (Proper Talent PT006)
    90). Hyper On Experience "Lords of the Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)" (Moving Shadow SHADPW30R1)
    91). Goldie "Angel (Peshay Back from Narm Mix)" (FFRR FX266 850 317-1)
    92). Goldie "Inner City Life (Full Length Mix)" (FFRR 697 120 060-1DJ)
    93). Goldie "Inner City Life (Nookie Remix)" (FFRR 697 120 060-1DJ)

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    I wonder if this is the same club that my next door neighbor took me to when he was going to Scranton U.? I don't remember much from that night other than giving all of my money to the bouncer :alchy:and feeling the bass before I walked into the front door(s). At the time (Sept. 1996), I didn't know such a place existed in our area (east coast USA). Though now that I think of it, it didn't take terribly long to get there from his dorm. Hmmmmm.......so fuzzy.

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    many thanks
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    The articles cited cover the key issues. For more details of community reaction one can find many more letters to the editor on specific topics by searching the week or so after an article power flush on that topic appears.
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