1992 - The Eclipse (04/30/11)


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Made this mix with my new Technics SL-1210MG5 w/ Nightclub 2 carts, Numark Axis-2 CDR player (Energetic C EP), and Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer.

Its loosly based on "The Hitman & Her @ The Eclipse" footage posted on youtube. In that footage Carl Cox is ripping it up along with DJ Phantasy who are two of my favorite famous 1992 DJs. I went out of my way to get track 2 and 3 which I first heard in this youtube video. Not only was the music great in this video but so were the lights, I wrote some new programs for my mirror scanners to mimic what was going on in this video as well!

Tracklist... (I hate doing these but I kind of had to as I went through several revisions of this mix to get it _PERFECT_! I learned the first time around that Electroset "How does it feel" does not work here.):

01). New Atlantic "I know"
02). Criminal Minds "Virtual Reality"
03). Music Madness "Flash It"
04). Space Trax vol.3 "Sweep on both channels"
00). Trigger "Stratosphere"
05). Urban Shakedown "Do it now"
06). New Decade "??"
07). Project One "Give me all you got"
08). Formation Records "Plastic Man"
09). Project One "It's Driving Me"
10). The Flex Program "Genetic Energy"
11). Music Madness - B-side
12). Manix "You Held My Hand"
13). Young Head "Legend"
14). Manix "Oblivion Head in the Clouds Remix"
15). Neuromancer "Pennywise"
16). Black Ops vol. 2 - Hoover tune
17). World Dominance "Compression"
18). Terrorize "Such a feeling"
19). NRG "Music Makers"
20). Mike Ash "Godzilla"
21). 2 Bad Mice "Music Takes You (Remix)"
22). The Dipped EP "The Last Stop"
23). 2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger "1 Man in the Boot"
24). HHFD "We're gonna rock this mutha fucka"
25). 2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger "5 Men in a Car"
26). Urban Shakedown "Assassinator"
27). Nick OD "Let you mind be free"
28). Energetic C "Public Transportation"
29). Project One "Live Vibes pt2"
30). Reflective Record track B2
31). Joint Project - track with Hammond Organ
32). Urban Shakedown "There is no other"
33). Urban Shakedown "Some Justice Remix"
34). Baby D "Let me be your fantasy"
35). Joint Project "Good Feeling"

Photo of new DJ booth used to make this mix:

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That 2 Bad Mice remix of "Music Takes You" is still one of my favs. I gotta stop listening to these mixes at work. Gonna get in trouble one day.



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Wow. I've listened to this twice and it is friggin mind boggling how good this is. I think I have only been to two club events that were of this calibre; The Limelight in early '95, I still have the tape from that event; and The Tunnel in June '96. These types of event s would have me smilin' through the rest of the weekend thru Tuesday. My high school classmates used to think I was on something during class because I was the only one smiling on a Monday. LOL I imagine the original events where that good.