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    This "Izzy's" record show in Springfield NJ is going to be one of the last I'll ever go to. Previously there were record shows put on in NJ by "Groovy Productions" and they were pretty big, consisting of collectors that had good stuff but wanted to slim down their collection. As time went on these direct original buyers of records selling off their stuff for the first time deminished. What you have left are people buying large collections from others to the point that the original owner is 3 or more owners away from the current owner. The current owner doesn't listen to 12" Strictly Rhythm records because he bought that collection hoping to get some rare Bob Marley record so he doesn't even listen to the dance records, he just wants to get rid of them.

    This record show was pretty much just two guys who had the stuff I was after, Izzy who was this natty dred hippy and this older african american gentalman. Both had the worst quality of records I've ever picked up at a record show. If thats how its going to be now, I'll avoid spending money at these things. I spent close to 50.00 on "F" and "P" records. These bits of plastic are full of snap crackle pop, and some with skips!

    I tried as best I could to make my 50.00 worth while by making this mix. I choose the sides that had the least amount of crackle which ment not playing the most DJ friendly cuts or even the cooler Paul Oakenfold mix of Gino Latino. Even the Armond Van Heldon B side mix had skips... terrible! I certainly have to get another copy of Captian Hollywood Project "More & More" as many cuts on there were FUBAR and I just love that record too much.

    Still I think this set is an enjoyable listen dispite my hardships at that record show. The final cut Black Shells "The Anthem (Untitled Mix 1)" (Azuli Records AZNY030) 1994 is simply amazing! It sounds like it was made specifically for Jr. Vasquez to play at the Sound Factory.

    All tracks played on 12" Vinyl period.
    01). Jammix "Rockin It" (Fourth Floor Records FF1100) 1989
    02). Ten City "Right Back to You (Extended Mix)" (Atlantic 0-86574) 1988
    03). Jay Williams "Sweat (Light Years)" (Big Beat BB-0011) 1990
    04). Steve "Silk" Hurley "Chain of Fools feat Risse (LP Version)" (Atlantic 0-86267) 1989
    05). Gino Latino "Welcome (Long Version)" (Harbor Light Records HL1010) 1988
    06). Twin Hype "Do it to the Crowd" (Profile PRO-7255) 1989
    07). 2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman, and a Dominican (aka C+C Music Factory) "Do it Properly (The Original)" (Grooveline AGRL5001) 1987
    08). Jammix "Funhouse" (Fourth Floor Records FF1100) 1989
    09). Maurice "This is Acid (S&T Mix (aka crappy TB303 mix))" (Vandetta VE-7016) 1988
    10). Damon Wild "Nuclear Sun" (Experimental 23) 1993
    11). Reck Shit Rebulz "Start Sum Shit" (Nervous Promo WR20086) 1994
    12). Jazzie Joint "Boom, It's The Joint" (Nervous Promo NER20029) 1992
    13). Reck Shit Rebulz "Make Ya Fell Betta" (Nervous Promo WR20086) 1994
    14). Jazzie Joint "Get Down" (Nervous Promo NER20029) 1992
    15). New Rhythm "Time Travel (Galactic Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR1214) 1990
    16). Critical Rhythm "Fall into a Trance (Brooklyn Funk Essential Mix)" (NU Groove NG044) 1990
    17). Dana Laguna "Forever (Forever Swinging Mix)" (Next Plateau NP50139W) 1991
    18). Maurice "Out of Nowhere" (I.D. Records Promo ID1004) 1991 Want to call Maurice and thank him for This is Acid? His number was 7083877100
    19). Musto & Fwankie Bowns YO! "All I Want is to Get Away (Raido Edit)" (BCM Records 12434) 1990
    20). DV8 "The Beat is Over" (Strictly Rhythm SR1239) 1991
    21). Hardhouse (Todd Terry) "Check This Out" (Easy Street EZS-7542) 1988
    22). Club Ultimate "Carnival 93 (Erick Morillo Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR12138) 1993
    23). Rare Arts "Boriqua Posse (The Kiss Connection Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR1229) 1991
    24). Armand Van Helden "Witch Doktor (Dark Ages Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR12295) 1994
    25). Beautiful People "Rilly Groovy (Jimi's Mix)" (Continuum Records 12315-0) 1994
    26). Captian Hollywood Project "More & More (Tony Garcia Underground Mix)" (A Records 72787-25028-1) 1992
    27). Black Shells "The Anthem (Untitled Mix 1)" (Azuli Records AZNY030) 1994

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