1992 - MOSES ON ACID tribute (07/14/2011)


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This is less of a mix of the week and more of a PLEA for HELP!

One of my all time favorite 1992 UK 'Ardkore bands is unfortunatly one which has never released a single 12" record. Nor has released a CD album, nor an MP3 on Beatport, itunes, or whatever the hell else out there sells MP3s to "digital djs" these days.

No, this band, MOSES ON ACID, has only released their songs as part of a made for VHS tape movie, "Vibrations" (also known as "Cyberstorm" and since re-released on DVD). This movie started out as a small blurb in the Rave magazine "SLURP" in 1993. The movie wasn't released till 1995 on VHS tape. The movie was a fictionalized drama about the NASA rave nights at The Shelter club in NYC. Moses on Acid was replaced with a fictionalized chacacter called "Cyberstorm", Scott Osman was replaced with Christina Applegate (shes much hotter!), and the owner of the Shelter club was replaced with some other actor who wore cool T-Shirts. The movie featured obviously, Moses on Acid doing a live PA, Fierce Ruling Diva doing a Live PA, U62 doing a Live PA, and other music by 808 State, and Sven Vath.

No sound track was released for this movie either so getting you hands on the SICK BAD BWOY CHOONS played by MOSES ON ACID is impossible. It actually took me 15 years to find out that the sick track played in the movie was by MOSES ON ACID.

Not only were they in this movie but they also really did do Live PAs at the NASA nights at The Shelter, The Limelight, The Roseland Ballroom, and they did "rave tours" as the Cyberstorm character in the Vibrations movie did. These guys were the real deal!

I'll admit, I'll often watch this movie JUST to hear that sick track by MOSES ON ACID "In Ska House", dance around to it, then put on some other movie or make a set on my turntables after getting pumped up from it.

One time after watching said scene in this movie I went to google and typed "MOSES ON ACID". What do I find but an actual MOSES ON ACID Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/mosesonacid I listened to the samples and sure enough, "I.K.Y.A." is some watered down version of "In Ska House" from the Vibrations movie!!! This is THE BAND that I've had a hard on for so many years. I discovered that the guy behind this band has another page called "FAST". He was the keyboardist for MOSES ON ACID. He now has a garage rock band called "Fun Loving Criminals" which is apparently more popular then MOSES ON ACID ever was. This stuff certainly is not my cup of tea and is a far cry from the smiley face proto-happy hardcore jams they did as MOSES ON ACID.

I contacted FAST to see if he could sell me any records or MP3s of "In Ska House" but this is when I found that none of this brilliant material was ever released and *SHOCK* hes not even interested in selling any of this stuff as MP3s ?!?! I even asked him if he wanted to sell me the master tapes but I never heard back, I'm guessing that means no (duh).

So my dreams of being able to spin the original breakbeat version of "In Ska House" into Joint Project "Total Feeling" is lost forever!....

More recently I found FAST on Facebook.... Brian Leiser:
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/brian.leiser And he never responded to me. Boy I hope someday I invent a time machine, write a kick ass 'Ardkore track, never release it, and then get a bunch of fans begging me to release it.... SHEESH!!!!

After all this I realized the best I'm probably ever going to get out of MOSES ON ACID are the files they uploaded on their Myspace page. After listening to the IKYA version of "In Ska House" I realized it actually wasn't so bad. There are a few drop outs from the master tape but I can repair it in Acid Pro. That track plus, "Lothario" and "Beat the Rap" are salvagable. The rest are of too poor sound quality to mess with which is a shame as "Intro" is a serious breakbeat track with a phat FM bassline.

Then I decided to do a tribute set which is what I have here. The three salvagable tracks from the MOA Myspace page with cute samples added from the Vibrations movie. I cleaned up the tracks in ACID PRO so the drop outs from the bad master were deleted, I also added my usual multiband compresson and I boosted the bass a little as the Myspace audio was flat.

I hope you like it and if you do, please, please, please, contact BRIAN LEISER and tell him to release these tracks proper: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/brian.leiser
I don't think he realizes hes sitting on GOLD! Or maybe he just doesn't care?

01). Cyberstorm intro from Vibrations movie.
02). MOSES ON ACID "Beat the Rap"
03). MOSES ON ACID "Lothario"
04). MOSES ON ACID "In Ska House (I.K.Y.A. Remix)"
05). In Ska House Christina Applegate scene in Vibrations movie.
06). MOSES ON ACID "In Ska House (I.K.Y.A. Remix)" reprise

iPOD artwork:

FAST (pun intended) download of the 320kbps MP3 on File Front:

Slow download of the 320kbps MP3 on Sleezyboots:

Again, if your feeling these tracks please contact Brian Leiser and tell him how much you love this music so that maybe he'll do right by releasing these tracks (or if the masters are really that bad, maybe do them over again).

Brian Leiser, MOSES ON ACID keyboardist on Facebook:

MOSES ON ACID on myspace: