1992 - Mia Cinco De Mayo Essay (05/05/2011)


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Heres a 2000-2002 DNB mix I did when I had the house to myself and a few Mexican beers. This was the second mix I made with my new expensive DJ console. I listened to it at full volume over the weekend and I thought to myself when listening to Krusts super lame version of "Kloaking Device" that I should go back and edit in the Kung Fu sample that was suppose to be in the released 12". First I thought to have myself saying the sample, then I thought to look on youtube and I found the whole track there. The sound quality didn't have to be perfect for the sample so this worked fine. Today I just edited the vocal back in the same way it was in the track in the first place before Krust released that shitty version that I ended up buying.

All tracks played from Vinyl unless noted.
++). Tony Braasch "Waterfall" (CD)
01). Usual Suspects "Shrapnel" (Renegade Hardware RH2000LP)
02). DJ Damage "Tribal Tones" (TOVLP03)
03). Storm Troopers "Alive" (Penny Black PBLR022)
04). Source Direct "Yo Bitch !" (Demonic DEMON12001)
05). Storm Troopers "Mirage" (Penny Black PBLR022)
06). Facs + B Key "Astaroth" (XXX 006)
07). Krust "Kloakin Devices" (Full Cycle FCY023) *original crappy version - I edited the vocal back in*
08). Sonic & Silver "Science" (Reinforced RIVET158)
09). Q Project "Trouble" (Advance//d 002)
10). Dylan "Think" (Outbreak OUTB011EP)
11). Mechanizm "No Way Out" (Emcee 008)
12). Dylan & B Key "Runnin'" (Outbreak OUTB017-EP)
13). Danny C "Stronghold" (Replicant Audio 002)
14). Dylan & Ink "Ghetto Dub" (Outbreak OUTB017-EP)
15). Phantom Audio "K2" (C.I.A. CIALP002)
16). ???? This was the first time hearing this track... I have it but don't know what it is.
17). Digital "Red Head" (Function CHANEL9601LP)
18). J Magik "The Lizard VIP" (Infrared 0022)
19). Digital "10'ers" (Cosmic Web Recordings COW001)
20). Breakage "Break-Age" (Reinforced Records RIVET193)
21). Baron "Nute" (Outbreak Records OUTBLTD005)
++). Tony Braasch "Waterfall" (CD)

Photo of new DJ booth used to make this mix:

High speed download at File Front. HIGH QUALITY 320kbps MP3:

Additional slow download link at Niceboots:
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