1992 - Melancholia


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Mar 4, 2002
Really boring day for me today, hell its downright depressing. So I'm just sitting around by the computer when Mulla AIMs me asking if I've ever made any tunes. Well sure I have but I don't know how to master then so they all sound muddy as hell. I listened to this digital deadline remix I made a while ago and thought it sounded pretty good only the 2 steppy amen sounded out of sych. So I played around with it and made a new tune out of those old loops. This took me about 5 hours and so heres what I came up with....

Download Real Audio (right click the link, select "save target as", select a place to save it, then download and listen):
1992 - Melancholia (real audio)

Download 96kbps MP3
1992 - Melancholia (mp3)

NEW Dowload mastered 112kbps MP3
1992 - Melancholia (mastered mp3)
Asside from an attempt at mastering I've also added a more complex deadline riff, delays, volume fixes, and I fixed the confusing break pattern in some sections. I also took out the Ivor Cuttler sample as it didn't fit at all.

By not even thinking about it, the bassline in the tune is nearly the same as this unknown tune I heard in a grooverider 1992 set. It had these ragga samples saying "Jungle jungle....... we do da dance in the new style - E". I thought that was funny, it was an unconcious thing.

Please leave me some constructive comments if you do listen to this because I'm not at all comfortable with eq and compression settings. Asside from that there may be more mistakes which I'm not aware of, mistakes that I need to learn from.

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Nov 29, 2001

I think it sounds pretty phat :) I like the beats, the use of the Deadline stab, its typical old skool styleeee, nice job.
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