1992 - It's Spring Again (04/28/05)


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.....And now for something completely different!

Which is the truth! How often do you see "Hit The Decks" style 'ardkore mega mixes on the internet? I haven't seen one yet and I've been downloading 'ardkore mp3 sets for a long time now.

In the past I did do one digital mix however it was hardly a megamix.... It was really average at best ("The Afterlife") with mixing that could be easily duplicated the old fashioned way. I also had a really hard time with that mix... Getting the computer to synch up the tracks was not an easy task at all. Fortunatly the end result was decent and I liked how I could always go back to add a track or fix the EQ settings.

This second attempt at a digital mix happened at the right time because before, it would have been impossible as I probably didn't have enough computer memory to pull it off. Thanks to Doom3 I had to get more computer memory and even with that extra memory the damn game still didn't preform correctly. Apparently I needed to buy a 500 dollar Nvidia video card to play the game at full speed which is lame and I'm not willing to do that. Never the less I now have more memory but even with that extra memory I found when making this mega mix that Acid 4.0 would "steal" my filter envelopes because of low system resources! As a result I had to render differnt parts of the mix seperatly and then re-join them in a sepereate document/project.

With all that said, the main drive to do a new digital mix was because a good friend of mine hooked me up with a DVDR disk of all his new 'ardkore records. Many of which are tracks that I've been drooling about for the past 6 years which I don't own myself. Tracks like Original DJ Vibes "Smoking Dope", Aurora "Spectral Bass (Orig)", and Distri "Darksides" in particular get me very excited.

As mentioned earlier, nothing to my knowledge has ever been done like this. I hope that my efforts not only become your favorite mix to listen to but I hope that this inspires others to do really interesting digital mixes in the future. Unlike "Hit The Decks", my mixes here don't sound forced or unatural. The set instead flows quite nicely and takes you for a nice roller coaster ride filled with highs and lows. Also, as you can see from the times in the tracklisting, most of the time there are at least two tracks playing at the same time. Sometimes 3 or 4 tracks play at the same time. If you haven't heard these tracks before, its probably very hard to tell which track your actually hearing since they blend together so perfectly. Also as a bonus, this mix features my cover of Simon "Bassline" Smith's "Streight outta hell" dubplate mix!

In conclusion I hope you like this mix! It took me 3 days to get the mixing done, another 6 days to be bothered to dub my Biz Markie cassette tape to my computer, and 1 day latter to realize that Acid was stealing my envelopes and to fix this problem.

CD Art:

FYI: This wasn't my first choice for cover art. I really wanted a high quality image of the battery operated dancing flower which was featured on Biz Markie's Spring Again artwork. Unfortunatly google image search came up with nothing so I settled for something different. The image you see is my mothers kitchen last mothers day with a floral arrangement that I made from our Lilac bush. Its totaly gay and it convays the message I wanted. Its frikken spring and winter can bug off! :D


The time listed is the Acid Pro 4.0 time which the track comes in.

01). 00:00:00.000 Biz Markie "Spring Again (LP Version)" (Warner Brothers Cassette Single)
02). 00:00:42.003 AT&T Text to Speach "Rich" (http://www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html)
03). 00:00:00.000 The Groove Sindikut "Hold Me (Pt. 2)" (!DDK 005)
04). 00:02:59.678 Shifty Overload "Do It (Dawn Chorus)" (!SIN1)
05). 00:04:35.483 Frantic & Impulse "Volume 1 (Part 2)" (Homegrown HG004)
06). 00:07:11.240 Genetik Engineers "All Night" (!ADR017)
07). 00:07:23.171 Genetik Engineers "Just Juice" (!ADR017)
08). 00:09:08.324 Unknown Artist "Street Beats Volume 3 (Part 1)" (!VDL3)
09). 00:09:51.005 Industrial Espionage "4 U 2 B In XTC EP (Part 1)" (TUFF0001)
10). 00:12:16.283 DJ Dynamix "Doin' What We Want Too" (!DYN001)
11). 00:13:16.312 The Hypnotist "This House Is Mine '92 (Pete Smith Remix)" (Rising High RSN36)
12). 00:15:23.571 Aurora "Spectral Bass (Original)" (STUJ003)
13). 00:17:29.385 Original DJ Vibes "Smoking Dope (Dope Mix)" (Dance Floor Studios DFS005)
14). 00:20:22.780 DJ Distroi & Boykz "Dark Side" (Flyte 01)
15). 00:23:10.407 Potential Bad Boy "Skip To My Loop" (CW013)
16). 00:23:58.424 DJ Easy M "Jungle Odyssey" (SYN002)
17). 00:25:22.138 Earth Leakage Trip "Strange" (Rising High RSN30)
18). 00:26:46.095 Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranks "Hoodlum Massive Wor" (HOOD001)
19). 00:27:15.875 Dillinja "Ride It Hard" (DILL03)
20). 00:28:57.632 LJT & The Stylist "Untitled" (TAG002)
21). 00:30:33.326 Freddy Fudpukker "Midnight Affair" (Symphony Sounds SYM006)
22). 00:31:51.191 Fire Fly "Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)" (PR007)
23). 00:33:38.720 Cool Hand Flex "Mars" (INT3)
24). 00:35:02.531 K Rox & DJ Monita "Smart Kid" (Skeleton SKEL011)
25). 00:35:02.531 CO2 "Time Bomb (Fuse Mix)" (DEEP5)
26). 00:37:50.130 DJ B & EZM "Shockin To The Break Of Dawn" (Industrial Noise DE001)
27). 00:39:13.990 Tronik House "Streight Outta Hell (1992's Remix of Simon Smith's Dubplate)" (Unreleased)
28). 00:41:12.722 Techno Brewster & DJ Iceman "Future Limits" (TBH2)
29). 00:42:01.564 Sky Juice "Rockers Revenge" (RAW02)
30). 00:43:13.056 Remmy The Traveller pt.2 "Tribal Journey" (Wonka Beats 1006)
31). 00:42:37.164 Frantic & Impulse "Volume 1 (Part 1)" (4 The Floor 4TF1)
32). 00:43:49.092 Sly T & Ollie J "Underground Confusion (Mix 2)" (SYSEX-15)
33). 00:46:06.644 Original DJ Vibes "Babylon Attack (Attack Mix)" (Dance Floor Studios DFS005)
34). 00:47:24.441 Johnny Jungle "Flammable (Cloud 9 Remix)" (Suburban Base SUBBASE30R)
35). 00:50:35.897 Dillinja "From Beyond" (DILL03)
36). 00:53:37.877 Tango "Future Followers (Remix)" (Formation FORM12025)
37). 00:54:14.059 DJ Seduction "Holding On" (Impact IMP036)
38). 00:55:49.799 Krispy Krouton "Haah!!" (EMP92003)
39). 00:56:25.637 Original DJ Vibes "Ragamuffin Soldier" (Dance Floor Studios DFS005)
40). 00:57:25.489 Synchronome "Turn Up The Strobe" (NL10)
41). 01:00:08.620 EQ "I'm So High" (Formation FORM12006)
42). 01:01:20.403 Beyond The Future "Mystery Ride (Flatline Mix)" (PR003)
43). 01:02:50.422 DJ Mayhem "Let Me Tell You Something" (FACE102)
44). 01:06:01.811 Mantronix "King Of The Beats" (????)
45). 01:06:25.868 Aladdin's Quest "Dream Of Reality" (HYP013)
46). 01:09:07.379 Kenny Khegoe "K Time EP (Track 2)" (????)
47). 01:11:53.547 Frantic & Impulse "Volume 1 (Part 3)" (Homegrown HG004)
48). 01:13:29.289 DJ Seduction "Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction Remix)" (Impact IMP036)
49). 01:17:40.612 DJ Seduction "Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction Remix)" (Impact IMP036)
50). 01:17:41.000 DJ Seduction "Higher Now (DJ Unknown & Seduction Remix)" (Impact IMP036)
51). 01:15:40.909 Nu Tro Gen "Rollin' Reptiles" (THP2002)
52). 01:16:29.023 Datura "Yerba Del Diablo Part 2 (The Zoom Remix)" (LSD011)
53). 01:17:39.157 Citrus "Fascination" (PR001)
54). 01:19:40.460 AT&T Text to Speach "Rich" (http://www.research.att.com/projects/tts/demo.html)

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