1992 - I did this for THE SHELTER (05/27/2011)

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    Interesting story. I was looking at Scott "Scotto" Osman's online videos of the NASA Rewind night he did at The Shelter. I was there and I frikken LOVED IT! It was officially the last RAVE I ever went to and I'm sure its the last RAVE I ever WILL go to unless if someone does this again which is doubtful. Even if so, too much time has passed and everyone has children and a wife except for me because im... stuck_in_1992 for better or for worse.

    Anyway some background is that asside from 12"s I'm also a retro club/disco lighting collector, mainly because I never got to have a career in this field and so the only way to enjoy this is to buy this stuff for fun. While looking at Scotto's video of the lighting rig at NASA Rewind I thought to myself, "I wish I had my own High End System's Trackspot moving mirror lights." I already had a set of Martin MX-1s and a pair of MACs but they're not nearly as good. I wanted these things back in the 90s but they went for 1200.00 each and I was a college student, nuff said. So I went looking that very night on Ebay and Craigslist and behold.... Someone is selling a set of 10 Trackspots and an Intellabeam 700HX controler for a good used price on Craigslist, Hell YES! So I contacted the seller and I thought about this for a week. I eventually took a trip down to south jersey one night (3 hours each way !!!!) to pick them up.

    On the way down to pick these up I was listening to a CD I just bought, Deep House, Nervous Breakdown Volume 2. On there was a track called "I did this for the shelter". In my own messed up timewarped mind I was thinking as though I'm going to get these great lights for the Shelter too... only its my own Shelter and my own Shelter is more of a Shelter then the actual Shelter as the Shelter is now condos. Whoa.... :p

    So because of those lights and that CD I had the idea to do this mix from that point on. Theres a few Shelter specific tracks in this mix and the rest is just guess work as I never got to attend one of the AMAZING house music nights at the Shelter. I only have a few tracks and my own imagination to figure out what went on from there. At least I actually got to go to the Shelter for that one night, Nasa Rewind and for that I feel very blessed !!!!

    Tracks played from 12" Vinyl unless noted
    ++). Clip from movie "Mo Money" before the characters visit The Shelter NYC
    01). Strait 2 DAT "I Did This 4 Da Shelter" (Nervous Records CD: Nervous Breakdown Volume 2 1994)
    02). George Morel "In a Groove" (Strictly Rhythm SR12112 1992)
    03). Kerri Chandler "The Shelter (Vocal)" (Shelter Records SHL-1001 1992)
    04). Todd Terry "Can You Party (Club Mix)" (Warlock WAR-021)
    05). Todd Terry feat: The Jungle Brothers "I'll House You (Houseapella)" (Warlock WAR-022)
    06). Todd Terry "Sum Sigh Say (MAW Remix)" (Freeze Records 50049)
    07). The Tribe "Go-San-Do" (Strictly Rhythm CD: Latin-Thang 1994)
    08). Smooth Touch "House of Love (More/Phearce Mix)" (Freaky Records 1039-5, 1993)
    09). B-jork "Vilolently Happy (MAW Remix)" (CDR made from Dylan Drazen's collection, 1992)
    10). Sextravaganza "Theme From Sextravaganza" (Tribal America EX Y-58075 1994)
    11). Captain Hollywood Project "More & More (Tony Garcia Underground Dub)" (CDR made from Dylan Drazen's collection, 1993)
    12). 4-Hero "Burning (R Solution Remix)" (Reinforced Records RIVET 1216 R 1992)
    13). Don Carlos "Alone" (CDR made from Dylan Drazen's collection, 1991)
    14). Space Trax vol. 5 "Aura" (Stealth Records STR5092 1993)
    15). The Oval Five Project "Vertigo" (CDR made from Dylan Drazen's collection, 1992)
    16). Inner City "Set Your Body Free (MK's London Remix)" (Virgin 0-96507 1989)
    17). Inner City "Set Your Body Free (MK's London Remix)" (Virgin 0-96507 1989)
    18). DJAIMIN "Give You (Mix 91 Dancefloor Syndromad Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR1298 1992)
    19). Classic Man '93 "Keepin' On (Classic Man Mixdown)" (Nervous: CD Nervous Breakdown Volume 2 1994)
    20). Kerri Chandler "Track 1" (Shelter Records SHL-1004 1993)
    21). Loni Clark "Rushing (Mood ][ Swing Dub)" (Nervous: CD Nervous Breakdown Volume 2 1994)
    22). Space Trax vol. 5 "Take Me Away" (Stealth Records STR5092 1993)
    23). Kerri Chandler "Track 2" (Shelter Records SHL-1004 1993)
    24). Jambo! "Those Never Ending Voices" (Wonka Beats 1007 1993)
    25). Absolut "X-Ray My Love" (Guerilla CD: Don't Techno For An Answer vol. 2 1992)
    26). Clubland feat. Zemya Hamilton "Set Me Free (Dub Mix)" (Great Jones PR12615-1 1992)
    27). Illusion "Annihilating Rhythm" (Guerilla CD: Don't Techno For An Answer vol. 2 1992)
    28). Lidell Townsell "Nu Nu (Original Club Mix)" (Mercury 866-445-1 1992)
    29). Maurice Joshua feat. Chantay Savage "I Gotta Hold On U (Marice's Underground Extravaganza)" (ID Records 1011 1992)
    28). Deskee "Dance Dance (Zanzibar 4am Mix)" (RCA 2692-1-RD 1990)
    29). Snap! "The Power (Generator Mix)" (Arista 613134 UK:BB 1989)
    30). Snap! "The Power" (Logic Records 612938 1989)
    31). Snap! "The Power (Transformer Mix)" (Arista 613134 UK:BB 1989)
    32). Snap! "The Power (Dub)" (Logic Records 612938 1989)

    I love "The Power" don'tcha know. I have no idea if they played it at The Shelter but I imagine they did since its such a bad bwoy choon!

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    Looks really good man, at work at the moment but I'll be checking this out for sure.
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    Workin' the crap outta my laptop speakers with this gem. I'm in a classic house mood. Probably gonna be listening to this stuff all weekend. Thanks 1992!

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    Though now that I think of it, the one song that epitomizes The Shelter (IMHO) is Logic-The Warning. That's the song I heard when I went there and that's the song I would hear on the Hot 97 radio promo. I think the original Shelter is condos now. I don't go into NYC much these days because........there is really very little reason to. I would cry for a world that is now gone, but I still have happy memories to bring a smile on my face.