1992 - Hunka Bunka (06/17/2011)


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Back in the early 90s I was a teenager like most here or maybe some of you weren't even born yet so you exposure to good dance music was even more limited or non existant all together. Since I didn't live in NYC or Philly I had to settle to finding out about music the old fashioned way, listening to the boom box in my bed with headphones on at 12:00am at night. For the longest time the only station I discovered that played this stuff was Z-100 1003.3FM based out of New York (though I believe they were actually situated in NJ). This was your typical top 40 station. During the day they would play Hair Metal, easy listening rock, NKOTB, and Freestyle. At night they would play top 40 dance music. Inbetween the songs which usually weren't mixed they would broadcast live from a club in Sayerville, NJ called "Hunka Bunka". This was a popular top 40 dance music club and as far as I can tell it was a meat market type club with the emphasis of picking up chicks and not a place for house heads (correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE! I wasn't there, I was in my bed listening to the radio broadcast on my headphones trying to soak in the music).

It would take me a couple more years to discover Hot 97's broadcasts from Zanzibar with Tony Humphries which was far more underground (although apparently they still played KRYZ "Stomp" as there is a Zanzibar mix of it on the record which is stripped down).

I thought this commercial dance music was neat at the time but once I learned of the underground and specifically, UK 'Ardkore, I was no longer impressed and never listened to it again... Till more recently. I've been steadily collecting this early 90s commercial house genre since I went to my first record show in ~2001 and this is how I was able to make this mix. These were the very records that were popular on the Saturday Night Z-100 Dance Party broadcasted from Hunka Bunka. Theres only a few records I missed but thats because I don't have them, such as Cathy Dennis "Just another Dream" which I really wish I had a the time of recording this. I also should have included Crystal Waters "Gypsy Woman" however I only have that on a CD single, I hate mixing with CDs and try to avoid it when possible.

This is the stuff you know you love but your too embarrased to admit it. I expect no comments here because of this. It might ruin your "reputation" for being "underground".


01). Shamen "Move Any Mountain - Progen 91" (Epic 49 74043) 1991
02). London Beat "I've Been Thinking About You" (MCA 12 53992) 1991
03). K.W.S. "Please Don't Go" (Next Plateau NP50187) 1992
04). Cathy Dennis "Touch Me (All Night Long) (Club Mix)" (Polydor 0422-879467-18) 1990
05). Bizarre Inc. "Took My Love (Original Flavor Mix)" (Columbia 09870-74862-10) 1993
06). Black Box "I Don't Know Anybody Else (Hurley's House Mix)" (RCA 78635-27351) 1990
07). KYZE "Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Steel Toe Mix)" (Warner Brothers 07599-21339-06) 1989
08). The Adventures of Stevie V. "Dirty Cash (Sold Out Mix)" (Mercury 0422-875803-18) 1989
09). Inner City "Good Life (Mayday Mix)" (Virgin 7567-96591-0) 1988
10). Black Box "Strike It Up" (RCA 07863-52792-1) 1991
11). Sound Factory "Understand This Groove (Xstatic Mix)" (RCA 07863-62371-1) 1992
12). Clivilles & Cole "A Deeper Love" (Columbia 09870-74135-1) 1991
13). Susan Clark "Deeper (Extended Club Remix)" (FFRR 869 637-1) 1991
14). Sound Factory "2 The Rhythm (Sound Factory Mix)" (RCA 07863-62569-1) 1993
15). 2 In A Room "Wiggle It (The Club Mix)" (Cutting Records / Charisma 0-96407) 1990
16). Robin S "Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)" (BIG BEAT 0-10110) 1993
17). Nightcrawlers "Push The Feeling On (The Dub of Doom)" (FFRR FX 245) 1994
18). Lidell Townsell "Nu Nu (The Original Club Mix)" (Mercury 866-445-1) 1992
19). Lidell Townsell "Get With U (Morales Def Mix)" (Mercury 864081-1) 1992
20). Lidell Townsell "Get With U (Riot Mix)" (Mercury 864081-1) 1992
21). Snap "Do You See The Light (Looking For) (Deep Ethno Dub)" (Arista 07822-12594-1) 1993
22). Martha Wash "Carry On (Carried Away Dub)" (RCA 07863-62367-11) 1992
23). Soul System "It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 2)" (Arista 07822-12485-18) 1992
24). Soul System "It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 1)" (Arista 07822-12485-18) 1992
25). Johnny P. "Look Good (Metro Club Mix)" (Relativity 088561-1186-17) 1993
26). Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman "I Like To Move It (Erick "More" Morillo Club Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR12192) 1993
27). CLS "Can You Feel It (In House Dub)" (Strictly Rhythm SR1269) 1991
28). L.A. Style "James Brown is Dead (Original Mix)" (Watts Music WR714) 1991
29). 2 Unlimited "Twilight Zone (Rapping Rave Version)" (Radical Records 40) 1992
30). AB Logic "The Hitman (Extended Mix)" (Inerscope / Atlantic 0-96168) 1992
31). Snap "Rhythm is a Dancer (12" Mix)" (Arista Promo ADP-2445) 1992
32). Captain Hollywood Project "More & More" (???? 72787-25028-1) 1992
33). Rozalla "Everybody's Free To Feel Good" (Original Mix)" (Epic 09870-74444-1) 1992
34). The KLF "3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)" (Arista 07822-12231-1) 1991

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Club Hunka Bunka in Sayerville, NJ still exists but under new owners. The name has since been changed to "The Starland Ballroom" and the scope of the club has been increased to support touring heavy metal bands such as "Skid Row", "Seplutura", "NOFX", "GWAR" and shitty ass dubstep. It doesn't seem like they bother with running the place as a top 40 dance club anymore.


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Back in the 90's I was a teenager, like most here, or maybe some of you were not even born yet for that exposure to dance music it was even more limited or absent all together. Since we do not live in New York or Philadelphia had to settle for knowing about the music the old fashioned way, listening to the stereo in my bed with headphones on at 12:00 am at night. For a long time that I discovered the only station that played this stuff was Z-100 1003.3FM based in New York (although I think that is currently in New Jersey).


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Eh..........Hunka Bunka. I had a GF that loved that crap factory. I wanted to go to the city to a real club and she wanted to go to Hunka Bunka. Yeah that relationship didn't last too long. Hot 97 used to play a lot of commercial dance music and they would throw in some house music in the early '90s. There used to be a midnight radio slot with Dave Kendall and Downtown Julie Brown that featured house music from Europe. That was my first exposure to that genre; I think that was 1990. That was before I discovered the Saturday Night Dance Party; long before I discovered The Palladium, The Tunnel, The Limelight, The Shelter, so on and so forth. I miss those days. *sighs painfully*