1992 - Haunted Castle (02/13/07)


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I wanted to do a dark Satanic techno mix for a while as I purchased more of this style in the past year then I knew what to do with. I was originally going to call this mix "Darkride", then after I scored a lo-fi Dracula's Castle (Wildwood, RIP) sample I was going to name it reflecting that. It wasn't untill I saw Pete Smith's offensive "documentary" about the Great Adventure Haunted Castle fire which cooked 8 teenagers that I changed my mind. It was offensive because of the fact that he took advantage of this tragic event to preach his extreme christian beliefs. This is pretty obnoxious of Pete, but I'll give him some credit in that it would make a nice horror movie plot. Well Pop Art Pete, concider this to be my youtube video response. Only this is not youtube, nor is it a video.

Lastly, I don't wish for anyone to think that I'm glamorizing this tragic event. *snip* However when you want to name a dark techno mix the name of a darkride, it gets no darker then with Great Adventure's Haunted Castle.

Politicaly Incorrect CDart:

01). V/A - Spoken intro from the Draculas Castle Dungeon Boat Ride, Wildwood NJ R.I.P.
02). Reeko - Night and Blood (Inceptive Records INCLP001)
03). 1992 ID Tag
04). Bill Tracy - Wacky Shack wolf sound
05). Robert Natus - Wave 13 (Audio 49)
06). Takaaki Itoh - Cry of State Desperation (Christian Wunsch Rmx) (Wols #2)
07). Oscar Mulero - The Gothic Window Effect (Reeko Rmx) (Mental Disorder 05)
08). Artic Surfer - ???? (Mankind 005)
09). Reeko - Supreme Civilization EP (Inceptive Records 006)
10). Bas Mooy + Vincent De Wit - Heritage of a Mad Man EP Chapter 1 (P Rhythm 053)
11). Tuomas Rantanen - Spirituals (Fresh Grind 011)
12). Alex Calver & Digital Kid - Hellbound (Ryuji Takeuchi Rmx) (Centerfire 01)
13). Sculpturism - Event Horizon (Arms 11)
14). Luka Baumann - Son of a Dawn (Arms 09)
15). Alex K. Katz - Panic Haus (Pathfinder Music 002)
16). Alex Calver - Dance With The Devil (Beat Teknique 001)
17). Andre Walter - Outside ( Highland Beats 035*)
18). Teknicity - Obay and Live (Cannibal Society 001)
19). Tomash Gee - Mafia Kids EP B1 (Carnage 17)
20). Permanent Damage - Damage Limitation (Infected 022)
21). HardtraX - Belgian Nightlife (Mike Drama Rmx) (Cannibal Society 005)
22). Scott Kemix - Satans Song (Giveway Records 002)
23). Tomash Gee - Mafia Kids EP B2 (Carnage 17)
24). Bill Tracy - Wacky Shack sounds
25). Surgeon - Badger Bite (Downwards DWN01)
26). Scott Kemix - Killers (Giveway Records 002)
27). Andre Walter - Distant Eco (Purples 011)
28). Invexis - Memory Effect (Carnage 03)
29). Distortions Unlimited - Shocker animatronic from Draculas Castle R.I.P.
30). Bill Tracy - Falling lumber sound.

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