1992 - Guidocore vol.1, House (10/28/06)

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    Interesting story behind this one. A friend of my long time friend from Brooklyn found this record bag outside her apartment building which was left out in the rain. This person gave it to my friend as he is known to be into dance music. This friend decided he wanted to give it to me. Many months pass and my friend tells me that his folks are coming over and he wants to clean out the apartment. He says if I don't pick up these records he was holding for me they are going to get thrown in the bin. I could not make it to Brooklyn and so 20.00 and empty Juno boxes was sent to his apt. A week later and a shit load of records shows up on my door step. Lots of 80s pop, trance, and progressive house. The progressive house portion of this newly aquired collection is what represents this mix. I've also thrown a few of my own records in to the mix such as Alexi's Acid Sessions, Stop!!! (Feel what you wont), and a few cuts on CDR. Guidocore vol.2 will be the trance records if I can stand to listen to them for more then 2 minutes.

    This mix didn't come out bad at all concidering that these are records I would never buy myself. I really like the Montero Grooves GRVS 001 record, quality deep sexy house, who could ask for more?

    EDIT: Been listening to this one all weekend and in the car today. I think I was a bit too brutal with this. I changed the CD art from saying "Crappy house" to "Progressive house" as I'm actually liking these tracks.

    CD Art:
    *Dispite the tag "House only a guido could love", theres actually quite a few decent tracks in here*

    Tracklisting w/ Discogs Links:

    01). Mr. Ozio "Flat Beat" (F Communications F 104) 1999

    02). Alexi Delano "I'm Loosing My Mind" (Alexi Delano Limited ADLTD 01) 2005

    03). Corporation of One "Real Life" (Corp1 mentioned on sticker,
    cat num is scratched out on actual record, not in discogs database).

    04). Orinoko "Vila Nova (Da Junkies Remix)" (Remote Recordings 014AA) 2001

    05). Ananda Project feat. Terrance Downs "Falling for You (System Beater's slanted Mix)"
    (Night Grooves KNG 138) 2001

    06). Spen-N-Joe's Southern House-Po-Tality "Stop!!! (Feel what you won't)"
    (Basement Boys BBR-010) 1996

    07). Desert "I see the light (D. Ramirez Bit Crusher Mix)" (Future Groove 12FGR021) 2002

    08). P.I.M.P. "The Light (ATT Remix)" (Future Groove 12FGR020) 2002

    09). Sshh "Hold That Body (Dub Mix)" (Rhythm Syndicate RHYSYN020) 2001

    10). Coco Da Silva "Lost (Extended Mix)" (Kismet KMT005) 2001

    11). Montero "Parana" (Grooves GRVS 001) unknown release date

    12). Ubu "Pixels (Pete Heller's Nu Skool Dub)" (Azuli Records AZNY 151R) 2001

    13). J.F. Sebastian "Burden (Lemon8's Inner Sanctuary Mix)" (Pitch Black PB3013) 2002

    14). Montero "Here What I Say" (Grooves GRVS 001) unknown release date

    ++). Frankie Bones "Booger Flick" (X-Sight XS73017-2) *Played from CDR*

    ++). Plasmatics "Full-Meal Dinner" *Played from CDR, *Not in database*

    ++). Francis Dhomont - Jalons (Empreintes DIGITALes IMED 0365) 2003 *Played from CDR*

    15). Spice "69 Overdrive (Timo Mass Mix)" (Peppermint Jam PJMS0053) 2000

    16). Cyn "Fantasy Reality (Superchumbo Mix)" (Star 69 Records STAR 12511) 2002

    19). Alexi Delano "Acid Burn" (Alexi Delano Limited ADLTD 01) 2005

    20). Energetic C "Public Transportation" (HNR Records HNR 002) 1992 *Played from CDR*

    21). Armand Van Helden "Why Can't You Free Some Time (Superchumbo Vocode Mix)"
    (Armed Records ARMED 18) 2001

    ++). Energetic C "Metal & Rag" (HNR Records HNR 002) 1992 *Played from CDR*

    22). Junior Vasquez "If Madonna Calls (J.R.'s House Mix)" (Groovilicious GM011) 1996
    *Not in database, mine is a two tracker*

    23). Hatiras feat. Slarta John "Spaced Invader (Darren Emerson's Underwater Remix)"
    (Defected DFECT25R) 2001

    24). Chemical Brothers "Song To The Siren, Three Little Birdies Down Beats, Fucked Up Beats"
    (Astralwerks ASW 6157-1) 1995

    25). Danse City "Midi Overflow" (Jumpin' & Pumpin' LP TOT 3) 1991

    Download the 256kbps 44khz 201mb 109.50min MP3.

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