1992 - Grooverider@Sterns 1992 REMAKE (07/29/2011)


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If I was pushed to name the one DJ set that inspired me the most both with my musical tastes and style of playing records on record players I would have a list of 5 sets. 4th on that list would be Grooverider @ Sterns 1992. Why 4? Because this was the 4th live 1992 DJ set I had heard and so as a result of this, this was the first time I heard 90% of the tracks in this set.

The track selection was decent and you can clearly see how Grooverider was trying to change the sound through his track selection. Early on you see a strong reggae flavor going on while later in the set theres a real darkside vibe. When Oaysis "Jungle Mash Up" comes on the MCs go nuts and Rider abruptly ends the track by going into DJs Anthem. I have a feeling those MCs were Oaysis and Rider didn't like the MCing and/or the track so he "shut them down" so to speak. I found it surprising the amount of chipmonks and happy hardcore sounds in this set. Previously I didn't identify Grooverider with any sort of happy hardcore sound so this was a treet and it made me like him a bit more.

It took me about 12 years to collect this vinyl. I actually could have made this set last summer but I made "Summer Vibe pt.8" instead which is the same bunch of records mixed the way I would have mixed them. I have yet to upload that but I plan to this summer.

It cost me somewhere around $800.00 USD to get these records due to the fact that I paid top dollar for most of them on Discogs.com. The New Era remix cost me an unheard of $75.00USD+ whatever sercharges for currency conversion and shipping ($100.00 at the end). I normaly don't pay this much for records but I really wanted to make this mix. Also I wouldn't have even wanted to have done this mix if it wasn't for DJ Nee who made an extremely authentic remake of the classic unreleased version of Tronik House "Straight otta Hell". It has been said to have been made by Simon Bassline Smith however after hearing this remake I wonder if Nee made it in the first place!

I did my best to mix these records like Grooverider however in some places Rider mixed very badly so I did not copy that aspect of his mixing.

This August I plan to upload my newest and old unpublished mixes at the rate of Kleez-One so if you like this stuff, keep checking my threads.

01). Dance Conspiracy "Dub War" (XL / American Recordings 1-45494)
02). M.A.N.I.C. "Feel It" (Bass Zone Records DRUG 001)
03). Wax Doctor "A New Direction" (Basement Records BRSSCL1)
04). Wots My Code? "Dub Plate" (Advance Records ADV 001)
05). Hardcore Rhythm Team "See The Light" (Furious Records FRUT 007)
06). Dica & Big Vern "Don't Think About Me" (Boogie Beat Records BOG B9T)
07). Noise Factory "Straight from the Bedroom" (Jungle Nation 90-95 CJ4)
08). Dica & Big Vern "100 M/PHr" (Boogie Beat Records FRUT 007)
09). Higher Octave "Raise The Bone" (Pro-One Records PRONE 8T)
10). Foul Play "Survival" (Oblivion Records OR 002)
11). Jungle House Crew "Darksides (DJ SS Remix)" (Formation FORM 12015)
12). Oaysis "Jungle Mash Up (Remix)" (Formation FORM 12013)
13). DJ SS "DJ's Anthem Vol 1" (Formation FORM 12009)
14). X-Cert "Strike A Dub" (Limited E Edition XCK 01)
15). New Era "New Era (Remix)" (Headstrong Records HD 002)
16). LTJ Bukem "Demons Theme" (Good Looking GLR001)
17). Kay 9 "Crazy Bad Boy" (Section 5 SECTION 2)
18). DJ SS "Don't Come No Ruffer" (Formation FORM 12018)
19). Nasty Habits "Here Comes The Drumz (Remix)" (Reinforced RIVET 1233R) *autographed*
20). Slipmaster J "Thinn Air" (Pure White PW 005)
21). Dub Two "Badman (Tuffness mix)" (Big City Records BC 004)
22). DJ B & EZM "Break of Dawn" (Vinyl Connection VCON2))
23). Tango "Future Followers" (Formation FORM 12024)
24). DJ Seduction "Sub Dub" (Impact IMP 009 Purple)
25). Scott & Keith "Deranged" (Reinforced RIVET 1241)
26). Metalheads "Terminator" (Synthetic Hardcore Phonography SYNTH 003)
27). Chaos & Julia Set "Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix)" (Recoil Records RCL 002)
28). Tronikhouse "Straight Outta Hell (Simon Bassline Smith Dubplate Remake by DJ Nee)" (MP3)
29). Bizzy B & Peshay "Merder Style" (Brain Records DOPE 11)
30). 4 Hero "Journey from the Light" (Reinforced RIVET 1235)
31). 2 Bad Mice "Mass Confusion" (Sm:)e Communications SM-8013-2 CD Album)
(thanks to nebkins @ dnbforum for helping track down the unknowns)

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Related personal trivia about the enjoyment of this set:
For a while while in collage I was working at Radio Shack and they had this rip off of a Casio keyboard
in the store. At one point I was playing with it and I discovered that it had the sound from Dica & Big Vern "100 M/PHr" so I was playing the tune in the store on the keyboard till I was scolded, good time! Now I have to track down some of those Radio Shack Casio keyboard copies on Ebay.
Kudos to you, my man. You are a genuine enthusiast, seeing how you've gone through much trouble (and expense) to acquire this collection. I met Grooverider at The End shortly after he got out of jail in Dubai, 2008. Keep up the good work mate!
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Double O b2b Theory
Threshold b2b Jamma
Antidote (Live Set)
Demented Soul and The Source
Ruthless Tactics
ID4 (Bluenote Vinyl Set)