1992 - Goes stompin in 91 (11/08/03)


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A while ago on here someone asked if I would do a 1991 rave set. Well 1991 stuff isn't my favorite, at least the records from that year that I have don't float my boat much. I rather like the stompy jungle tekno tracks (ex: Dragonfly "Visions of Rage") and smooth amen rollers (ex: that tune on Ruby Red which I have a memory laps for. "Counter attack" or something). I don't have many records like this and the ones I refured to I don't even have. But reguardless two weekends ago I felt like listening to some 1991 tunes and I recorded the audio which resulted from it. This is by no means my "masterpiece 1991 set" but hopefully its something which you can enjoy while on the go and maybe you'll hear something you haven't heard before. My favorite tunes in this one would be "Techno Madness", "I Still Want Ya (Remix)", and "Nasty Distortion".

01). Mad Mike "Sonic Destroyer" (Underground Resistance 013.5)
02). Mad Mike, Jeff Mills, & Yolonda "Living for the Night (Kevin Saunderson Mix)" (Underground Resistance 016)
03). Trashman "Cosmotrash (Part one)" (Music Man 9323)
04). Techno Madness "Techno Madness (Scott's Med Mix)" (ZYX 6661)
05). Techno Madness "Techno Madness (Scott's Med Mix)" (ZYX 6661)
06). Ave Maria "Maria's Theme (Spiritus Sanctus)" (Next Plateau NP50179W DJ)
07). Supereal "Body Medusa (The Leftfield mix)" (Guerilla Records V-13846)
08). Astrospider "Don't Be Afraid" (Wonka Beats 001)
09). React 2 Rhythm "I Still Want Ya (Remix)" (Guerilla Records V-13878)
10). Bizarre Inc. "I'm Gonna Get You (Sure is Pure Remix)" (Columbia 44 74815)
11). Deltron "Nasty Distortion (Original Mix)" (Deltron Records DEL 01)
12). Tronik House "Up Tempo" (KMS-032)
13). Cybersonik "Backlash" (Champion 12)
14). Bizarre Inc. "Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)" (Columbia 44 74815)
15). Bizarre Inc. "Such A Feeling" (Vinyl Solution Storm32) *not a fetish record apparently*
16). Aircut "Visual Attack (Oh-Bonic Assault)" (Sonic Records 2005-1)
17). Church of Extacy "Church of Extasy (Pray for Acid Mix)" (Sonic Records 2004)
18). IQ "Mindtransfer (hardsurfmix)" (Mid-Town 91124)
19). Meng Syndicate "Dayner Overload" (Hit House 6011)
20). Mental Overdrive "????" (White 007) *yes thats the real cat number and the gov of cali makes an appearance*
21). Frank De Wulf "Freestyle 909" (HPF Records TCB1236) *a dodgy repress made in 1990*
22). Frequency "Where is your Evidence (Hard! Harder!!)" (Lower East Side 011)
23). Plexus "Cactus Rhythm (J.F. Mix)" (Diki 48.12.24)
24). Trigger "Stratosphere (Extended Mix)" (Target Records 10064/12)
25). T99 "Anasthasia (Dub Mix)" (XL 19)

The 192kbps 44khz 73.16min 100mb MP3

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Love this one 1992, any other old skool mixes like this and the 1992 one?

Laird, Theres this one, "the acid house and rave" thing, "The Afterlife" which is mostly stringy basement records, "Summer Vibe" (the 1992 one), and "Lift Me Up" which is a 1993 mix I did a long while ago. The last two were the better ones imop. - 1992
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