1992 - Future Past, Future Perfect (01/21/07)


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Mar 4, 2002
This was the last great 2 hour + techno set I did. I finished collecting techno records for a good while and at the time I was very pleased with what I had. I decided to group together all (the ones I could remember at the time) of the new techno records that were trying to sound like classic 'ardkore and early 90s techno. The result was this.

Unfortunatly, Its been so long since I did this and as a result I don't know the names of the tracks. These are not tracks like Jem 77 "I never felt this way" that engrave themselves into your brain forever. While these are nice tracks, the names just don't stick with me. I know I put Dylan Drazen's remix of Cosmos & Dibs "Star Eyes", some Suburban Knight, Glen Wilson, and two Dave Clarke Red Represses in there.


Download the 2hr long 320kbps MP3.

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