1992 - Fear, The Andre Walter Tribute (09/24/06)


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:cat: I'll keep it short and sweet. What I really appreciate about Walter's works in particular is how extremely clean everything sounds and the refferences to secret societys and witchcraft add an extra kick to already extremely good techno music.

I tried searching for Mr. Walter on myspace for the past week but I had no luck, not even C. Liebing could not direct me to him. So.... Mr. Walter, if your reading this, I'd love to pick your brain on how you've made these great records.

CD Art:

None yet but the last track is my favorite of his, "Misty Circles"

Rave reviews on blackoutaudio.com forums

"Long story short this mix is off the f*cking meter.
Must have for any one who likes that Bangin' Hard Intelligent Andre Walter material.
1992 did an excellent job with this and everyone should hear it." - Summer of Sam (Moderator at blackoutaudio.com)

"Totally agree with SoS,got it from another forum and this one´s great stuff!" - Acidguru (blackoutaudio.com member)

"hell's bells theres some tunes on that,,nice one "more than a decade ago" love andre walters dark mystic techno theres a few tunes on here I havnt got though is there any chance of a tracklisting if you can be arsed?" - Fusion (blackoutaudio.com member)

"wicked set, thanks for posting this!" - Jace (blackoutaudio.com member)

"Too awesome" - Patrick DSP (blackoutaudio.com member)

"great set! any tracklist?" - Benderinho (blackoutaudio.com member)

Download the 256kbps 44khz 146mb 80:09min MP3.
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