1992 - Clown Goes to the Antique Shop (12/05/08)


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Mar 4, 2002

Heres my very first downloadable Mini Cooper themed DJ mix. Its Mini themed because I used a Mini to get to the Antique shop so thats good enough for a Mini theme. Every record in this mix (except for Earth People "Dance", Masters of Disaster "Halloween", and a DnB record...name escapes me) came from one Antique Shop in New Jersey.

You know.... you know your getting old when the music that you danced your arse off to as a younger person is now doing the rounds in an antique shop... I mean wow... thats crazy!!! The early 90s weren't that long ago were they? It doesn't seem like it.

This mix more or less covers all of the bases except for HHC and Gabba. It goes like this: Ambient - Hip House - Chi House - Really Gay House - Funky Breaks - Free Style - UK Jungle/DnB - Hard Techno. All of which takes you for a 3 hour ride.

Records Used (not a comprehensive tracklisting, many records were used multiple times to get all the good tracks in):
Unexplained Transmissions - Mind Expansion ME017
Eurythmics - 1984 - RCA ABLI-5371
Force MDs - Tender Love - Tommy Boy
Frankie Knuckles - Welcome to the Real World LP - Virgin
Ed Terry - Show Me Love - Cardiac Records
Scrappy feat. Lisa B - Don't you wanna dance - Atlantic
Deepstate 2 - Everybody Get Down - Atlantic
Cartouche - Do your thing - Scott Bros
House of Jazz - A House of Jazz Mix EP - Lazyboy
DJ Sneak - The Polyester EP - Henry Street Music
Earth People - Dance - Pal Joey *Love this Choon!!!*
D.I.E. - Medicine - Mutant Sound System
Mankind Liveration Front - Center of the Universe - BMG
Cantor, Harvey & Galea - Freestyle EP - Scratch City Records
Le Klass - No Hope - Life Records
K-Vision - Going Deep - Stage 1000
Expose' - Point of no return - Arista *Classic!*
Facination - Go Away - Vinylmania
Coro - Where are you tonight - Cutting Records
Dynamix 2 with MC Kid Money - Feel the Bass - Chaos Records
Hi Power - Simba Groove - Next Plateau Records
Small Fish With Spine - Fugu EP - oMW (sounds like Reinforced Recs)
Seofon - Access EP - Visible Records
Glider-State - Modern Urban Jazz mjazz1
Natural Mystic (Steve Carr) - Deep Space Jam EP - Octopus Records *BIG SCORE!*
Synthetique - Coquillage EP - S-presso Recordings
Ohm Square - Pillow EP - MFS
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA EP - Spro
Psynostics - Field of Flowers EP - Timing Recordings
???? - ???? - Rhythm Distribution MMX 001 (yellow vinyl, white label)
Dave Angel - In Flight Entertainment EP - Island Records *SCORE!*
DJ Tuttle - Main Mix Live 001 *SCORE!!!*
Masters of Disaster - Halloween - Masters of Disaster Recordings

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Feb 23, 2005
Awesome mix!! I love these journey throu different steelos type of mixes.. really great tunes in there!! nice section with these 80's freestyle tracks.. but the acid techno part is what really blew my mind! :D

dope dope mix!! really enjoyed it! thanx, man
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