1992 - Circle Gobos (11/13/2010)


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The mood of the mix is mostly dark and moody with a short throw back to happier 1993 house tracks in the middle. The set finishes off with Josh Wink "Are you there" so you can easily follow up the set with 'ardkore or jungle in your iPOD playlist. The creation of this set was 100% inspired from looking at youtube videos of the Peter Gatian nightclubs, The Palladium and The Limelight. I didn't actually even like Josh Wink's "Don't Laugh" till just this year when I saw a video with it playing in the Limelight with some very good lighting accompanying it. Good thing I already always had two copys of the 12".

No theres no actual tracklist.

Josh Wink, lots of him infact, all of his big hits from 1995 and earlier.
Tim Taylor "Bang the Acid"
The Goodman "Give it Up"
Armond Van Heldon "The Witch Doctor"
Green Velvet? "The Purculator"
Lots of 1995-ish Strictly Rhythm records.
and more.

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