1992 - Christmas In July (07/04/07)


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This was originally a special Xmas present that I sent out to my online friends and some of the famous people whos works were involved in the mix like John Issaics and Grant Nelson. I never got a thank you from the famous people but I guess thats the way it goes when everyone tells you, "your the shit" 55,000,000 times. Come to think of it... I never got a thank you from my actual friends either... Nice guys... pffft!

Anyway, this mix is in the spirit of the "Spring Again" acid pro megamix that I did a few years back. Its a 80+ track megamix that flows nicely! One of these days I'll have to do a tracklist. I started this mix in the spring of 2006 and I didn't finish it till December of 2006. The pine cone of the mix is certainly the last mash up involving Blood Cult "Can You Dig It", a truly wonderful and unknown 1991 jungletekno track from the USA! It samples "The Warriors!" YEAH! Its Awesome, YOU KNOW THAT!

Download the 320kbps 44khz 175mb 76.34min MP3.

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Hi 1992.
I picked this thread to post on in the 1992 forum as I guessed it would be the one you saw any replys to first.

I had a meal at Highdown Towers (formely Sterns, now a carvery/hotel) about two months ago and have been reminising ever sinnce about me fleeting rave times there not long before it closed (thankfully moost of 1992 so I timed it right!!!!)

I have just embarked on a mission to get all the mixes on your forum and will post as many comments as I can!

I am gobsmacked at the fact that threads 6 years old are still active on here and take my hat of to you mate for what you have done to keep this magical year alive.

I have written so many posts on other forums that go on for ages beacuse it is so difficult to describe the feeling I get when I think about these times.

To find someone that put so much into keeping this going is a rare treat!