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This mix has a lot of personal history for me. I've described it below in detail.

In ~1993 I heard real underground "techno" for the first time via these three mixtapes. I use the word "techno" loosely because any sort of dance music that wasn't pop at the time got labeled "techno" and most of the time it was not. The idiots at my high school even called Ace of Bas3 techno because they were so stupid.

The first tape was from this kid in HS (Brian Parmagano) who was one of the biggest jerks there. I guess lending me this tape to copy was his way of saying sorry for being such a dick to me. The tape was labeled with masking tape and a laundry marker as "Acid Techno" which is ironic concidering there wasn't a single TB303 track on the whole thing. This tape was the first time I heard everything on it save for Apothosis "O Fortuna". The mixing on this tape was horrible, trainwreck city. However since this was the first time hearing a DJ mix I didn't think much of it. This kid who lent me the tape claimed to have gone to the Limelight nightclub on several occasions yet he refused to take me along as he really was still an ass hole. The two elements here bad mixing, kid went to the Limelight, gives way to my theory that perhaps Keoki did this tape.

The second tape I bought at a dodgy shop on the Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk. It was a blank tape with a purple info card. The card had no DJ information, it was simply called "Techno Rave 1005 NY SOUNDS". The mixing was mostly cuts and not much in the way of beat matching. Still it was the first time I heard Isotonik "Everywhere I go" and Bloodclot "Can you dig it". I played this tape a lot!

The third tape I bought on the same vacation at a different dodgy shop on the Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk. It too was a blank tape but this time with a white info card. It was called "Techno 1". Still no mention of what DJ did this tape and from the sounds of it, one DJ did one side and another DJ did the other side. The beatmatching was ace on the first side, and pretty bad on the second side. It was the first time I heard "Sweep on both channels" and that track blew my mind!

Recently I was messing around with the idea of doing a 1991 techno mix of tracks that got me into this hobby in the first place. Unfortunatly most are on CDs and I suck at mixing CDs so then I thought "What if I do a "Trilogy" mix based on the first 3 mix tapes I ever, heard". So I tracked down two records I didn't have, Neon "Waves" and F18 "F18" and then had at this.

The mix is laid out in sections based on what tape I'm recreating portions of. I first did "Techno 1" tape, then I did the "Techno Acid" tape, and then I did the "Techno Rave 1005" tape. The Key below shows what tape each track sellection/mix is from.

@ = Techno Acid
# = Techno 1
$ = Techno Rave 1005

All tracks on vinyl unless noted.
01). Orb "Ultraworld" @
02). Neon "Waves" @
03). Space Trax 3 "Sweep on both channels" @
04). Trigger "Stratosphere" @
05). Cyborsonic "Backlash" @
00). Bizzare Inc. "Such A Feeling" @
06). Frequency "Where is your Evidence" @
07). F-18 "F-18" @
08). Program 2 "The Omen (Joey Beltram rmx)" @
09). Program 2 "More Energy" @
10). Acen "Close your eyes (N10CT Remix)" #
11). 2 Little Boys "Stylophonia (Hardcore rmx)" #
12). Ave Maria "No sex till marraige" #
13). Blue Pearl "Naked in the rain" #
14). NY Style "Shut the fuck up" #
15). Techno Madness "Techno Madness (Scotts Remix)" #
16). HHFD "Relax" #
17). HHFD "Start the Panic" #
18). Digital Boy "1, 2, 3, Acid" CD Roadkill vol. 2 #
19). Joey Beltram "Mentasm (Remix)" #
20). N-Joi "Mindflux" #
21). Channel X "Rave the Rhythm" CD Best of Channel X #
22). The Cleptomaniacs "Positive Feedback (Genocide 2 remix)" $
23). Bloodclot "Can you dig it" $
24). Isotonik "Everywhere I Go (Fizzy Orange mix)" $
25). Joey Beltram "Fuck all you mutha fuckers" $
26). Skin Up "A Juicy Red Apple" CD Big Hard Disk $
27). Eskimos in Egypt "State of Surrender" $

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Special Behind the Scenes DVD Feature!
The 3 original tapes that inspired this mix:

Techno 1 side A and B

Techno Acid side A and B

Techno Rave 1005 side A

Techno Rave 1005 side B
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