1992 - 80s Sunset Cruise (08/21/2010)


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This is my first attempt at an "Ambient" set and I use that term very loosly since this set has various types of music which is not ambient. Yet the overall theme is what I would concider a chill out experience.

In the 80s there was this particular sound which was never pigeon holed, to me its just "that 80s sound". This sound consists of synthisized drums, tons of long reverb tails, saxiphones, and this very particular guitar sound... a way of playing the guitar with reverb. The tracks in this set have one or more of those above mentioned things which is what ties this all together.

This kind of music is the sonic equivalent to my memories in Wildwood NJ when I was a kid. Often a night would be ruined by heavy rain storms yet I'd end up getting to the boardwalk anyway with a rain coat. This music feels like those times. Its also the sort of music that I imagine that if I had been my age back in the 80s and had a nice car, I would be cruising around listening to this... which is what I'm doing now anyway only unfortunatly its no longer the 80s.

01). Tangerine Dream "Firetoungues"
02). The Cars "Heartbeat City"
03). Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack "Figment"
04). Peter Schilling "Major Tom (Coming Home)"
05). Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime"
06). Tangerine Dream "Phaedra"
07). Hall & Oats "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)"
08). Iron Maiden "Stranger in a Strange Land"
09). Twizted Sister "The Price"
10). ZZ T0p "Rough Boy"
11). Tangerine Dream "Phaedra"
12). Billy Idol "Eyes Without a Face"
13). Mick Smiley "Magic"
14). INXS "Mediate"
15). Tears for Fears "Working Hour"
16). Tangerine Dream "Long Island Sunset"
17). Quiet Riot "Twilight Hotel"
18). Power Station "Lonely Tonight"
19). The Police "Wrapped Around your Finger"
20). Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack "Cosmogony Part 1"
21). YMO "Silence of Time"
22). Tears for Fears "Listen"
23). Christopher Cross "Sailing"
24). Whitesnake "Is this Love"

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I remember the hair bands that my friends liked to play on (LMAO) their boomboxes. My household would play classic rock in the morning B4 school. I remember mostly the Police and then later Sting. Honestly, I didn't really get into music until the late '80s when rap (as it was called then) emerged and got popular. I did manage to walk by Zanzabar in Newark NJ when I was little. I remember feeling the bass through the walls outside and my uncle hustling me through that neighborhood as fast as he could. Then the early '90s occurred and well.......you know the rest :).

I can't imagine being in my teens and '20s during the 1980's. Don't get me wrong, in hindsight the music was good (you can thank Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the rebirth), but I would be so bored. I'm glad I came of age in the 90's. Now the '70s during the disco era; yeah I coulda done that. I love watching the Soul Train re-runs. I was disappointed that they went the hip-hop route during the 90's though. I would have figured that they would have got into house music since it's closer to disco. Oh well, that world is long gone. At least the good clubs were still open during the '80s. All of that is gone now. *crying*