198 hard hitting snare samples! 10 free samples included.


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Over the past few weeks I spend hours every single day preparing the release and production of this sample pack, all to make sure that the samples are of good quality and can be used in all modern day productions. So why this pack? Most sample packs that contain drums sounds contain sounds that are relatively clean, most of them aimed at House or Club music. However when you produce louder and heavier electronic music like I do, you'll find out that those samples need a whole lot of processing to make them work. This pack has done that essential processing step for you! I have processed each snare individually and tried to get the best out of them, from short and tight snares great for Hiphop to heavy and punchy snares for Dubstep, Glitchhop and other electronic genres.

All the samples in this pack are processed acoustic snare drums that have been individually processed to get the best out of them as possible, they have been recorded on a 44.1Khz samplerate and 24-bit bitdepth to maintain their quality. The samples are first run through a set of equalizers to shape the samples frequency response and to even them out. Then we have run them through some transient shapers on multiple places within the processing chain to make them snappy and punchy. To add some more warmth all the samples have been run through a hardware compressor and a hardware tube preamp to give them that additional grit and power we all like.

In this pack you'll find:
- 59 tight snares
- 109 phat snares
- 20 layered snares
- 10 reverb FX snares

Click here to go to the product page where you can download a free demo package!
On there click 'Files' and there is the demo pack with 10 free snare samples taken from this pack.

Sound preview:
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i fukin wot m8
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There some really sweet snares in there man, great job! Dont make glitch hop myself, but i find them super useful anyway.


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You coulda made two more to bring it up to 200 :p

JK, they are sounding big tho man. Are there any folley sort of snares or just glitchy ones?


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Big ups! Absolutely great package. I think the layered snares are already pretty awesome for drum & bass, they are close to Sub Focus/Smooth Snares imo. The other snares are probably pretty awesome for layering and of course they have a typical glitch hop sound.
All in all i think they are as great for dnb productions as for glitch hop stuff.

Thank you alot!