19/10/2012 [LON] Looking Sound Feat: Dead Silence Syndicate : LIVE DnB band


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19th of October 2012

Looking Sound Presents ‘Future Warehouse Visuals” Feat: Dead Silence Syndicate

@ The Finsbury, 336 Green Lanes, N4 1BY


October the 19th dates Looking Sound’s Penultimate Event this year at the Finsbury.

Check out the vibes :


What an instalment this will be.
Expect 360 degree projected Visuals combined with electronic sounds spanning multiple musical genres.

Artist include:

ScanOne & Light Rhythm Visuals

Mr Faff – Looking Sound A/V resident

DS1 + VJ Harper – Oldskool sounds/Visuals Combination

DeadSilence Syndicate + VJ Fixel – LIVE 5 piece Bassline Music band + Visuals by Fixel

Dexorcist + Combat AV – Miami Bass/Electro/Visual Collaboration

LIVE DJ/VJ Combinations, Audio/Visual Performances will host the start of the evening’s entertainment, plus a preview screening of the forthcoming A/V DVD from ScanOne.

All this leading up to one of the UK’s most awesome underground electronic dance music band’s ‘DeadSilence Syndicate’.

Full Line-up info as follows:

ARCHIVE by ScanOne

A preview screening of a selection of films from "ARCHIVE", the forthcoming DVD from Scanone. Produced by Yellow Machines & Light Rhythm Visuals.
A collection of previously unreleased tracks taken from ten years of Scanone's production archive.
A selection of talented artists, directors and visual collectives have created original short films, promos and visual content to the audio.

A retrospective audiovisual compilation curated and produced by Jude Greenaway, also known as Scanone and label manager of Yellow Machines. The first audiovisual project from Yellow Machines and the latest multi-platform digital release from Light rhythm Visuals.

Mr Faff

Looking Sound resident and general instigator, Mr Faff will be creating a deep electronic soundscape that he will illustrate with live electronic visual improvisation.

Follow on twitter @MrFaff


Looking Sound posse and krew boy. Spinning oldskool lyrics, breaks, bleeps, synths and samples from all those tunes that still sound fresh as they did 20 years ago! DS1 performs a funky groove of Oldskool sound with strictly vinyl.

VJ Harper

VJ and Video artist. Currently based in Greater London. Producing video mixes, soundscapes and eye-catching visuals to keep the ball rolling. Creating video mixes for DJ's/acts to use for promotion by day, performing in a club near you by night.


DeadSilence Syndicate

Fresh off the 2012 festival circuit, we give you DeadSilence Syndicate.

DSS are not really trying to be a live DnB band as such, weve always just played what ever we are into at the time! Just so happens that most of the time we're into extremely nasty basslines and beats!.. What’s your excuse?
We don’t use any sequencers or backing tracks and we play only the finest hand crafted instruments imported from grandma pegs backyard
here's some nasty gossip about us:
'Blistering, eardrum-perforating Drum 'n' Bass thrashed on real live instruments by a band who make Red Snapper sound like Craig David by comparison. Bass-heavy, brooding, bombastic and raw as botulism'- www.dogsonacid.com
Crashing genres together, tightening the all-live musical fury and opening minds wherever they go- www.factmagazine.co.uk
This dead stupid lot are without doubt the nicest chaps I’ve ever met!- welsh Gareths gran


VJ Fixel

Having worked with DeadSilence at last years Looking Sound together, VJ FIxel brings you the night’s stage light and visual show. Enhancing the sound with true video professionalism ….Just wait for the strobes!

Dexorcist + Visuals by Combat A/V

Electro music head based in London. Dexorcist has released a nice amount of tunage on various lables with enormous bass ridden DJ sets supporting his sound. Expect it big, expect it electro!


Blessed with Combat AV (Combat Recordings) this is set to be the DJ/VJ combo not to be missed!