18 x DnB CD Compilations for sale!


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Feb 10, 2009
hi all,

thought this is probably the place to post this, i have a bundle of 18 DnB compilations (well, 17 compilations and 1 cd single) on ebay for sale

they are as follows

Drum & Bass Arena: Pres DJ Hype
Contagious Drum N Bass 3
Contagious Drum N Bass 4
Class A Cuts
Class A Cuts - Narcotix Lounge Volume 2
Fuze - Beyong Voltage Volume 1
Fuze - Beyong Voltage Volume 3
Fuze - Twisted Soundscapes
Advanced Drum N Bass - Sektors 1, 2 and 3
XXX - The Making Of...
Q Project - Champion Sound (CD Single)
Audioworks #1 - Total Science
Audioworks #5 - Total Science
Audioworks - Q Project
Audioworks - Various Artists Volume 1
Audioworks - Various Artists Volume 2
Audioworks - Various Artists Volume 3
Audioworks - Various Artists Volume 4

most of the are DJ Friendly Full versions, couple of mixed ones in there too (DnB Arena for instance)

anyway, if anyone is interested they are here, bidding starting at £15, doubt it will go for much more than that? :)

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