[18/09] Sol B2B Xample on Subjunkzlive radio

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Sol was introduced to drum & bass in 1996 by a friend and became a regular at Chrome, Liverpool's original D'n'b event. Shortly after he acquired his first set of decks he became dedicated to perfecting his mixing style.
Sol and Darka started Element in 2000 to promote themselves as DJ's in Liverpool. Various parties showed interesting in Sol and he was asked to play at Futurebound's "X" @ Le Bateau.
After running more Element night in Zanzibar Sol started to make contacts in the dnb world. Sol booked New, Mc Deval for a showcase which saw Aquasky's first performace in Liverpool.

Later Sol became resident at Sophonic Sessions alongside Sappo, Mark XTC, Si Smith, SAS, Deval.
Through his involvement in the scene Sol is now the Promoter of Sophonic, and co-promoter @ Surreal & X and partner in Sophonic Records plus he fronts the Nwdnb website.
Sol has played at every major event in Liverpool and Manchester plus a couple as far a field as Austria / Miami.
Sol works together with Xample in the studio and the pair have releases with a handfull of major dnb labels such as Hardleaders / Mix N Blen.

Manchester events:

Spellbound, Metropolis, Gutterfunk, Conduct, New Generation, Stepback, Sophonic MCR, Airtight.

Liverpool events:

Sophonic Sessions, Surreal, X, IOC, Caladonia, Strategy, Monkey Business, Natural Selection.


Sophonic Sessions, Caladonia, Surreal, X


who originally s from Bristol, found it hard when growing up to ignore jungle music due to its presence within the city, as a result of influential artists such as Roni Size, Die, Krust and the rest of the full cycle camp causing damage throughout the scene. After spending much of his youth going out to jungle/drum and bass nights around the city Xample soon saved up enough money to buy his first set of decks. After a year or so he got his first break with a residency at a small drum and bass night at Bristol’s Thekla. Unfortunately this was only short lived as he soon moved out of the city to go to university in Liverpool. Once in Liverpool Xample soon established a residency at Future bound’s ‘X’ night which helped consolidate his DJ skills with opportunity to play alongside some of the countries leading DJ’s such as Hype, Zinc, Pascal, Jumping Jack frost, Bad company and Pasha. At this time Xample was also trying to put his own mark on the city alongside another Liverpool DJ, Bane. This lead to them establishing their Contrast night which aimed at offering a mid week drum and bass night for Liverpool. Around this time, due to regularly attending drum and bass nights around the city, it wasn’t to long before a mix up lead to Xample meeting Stev the promoter of Sophonic, which resulted in him being introduced to Sol. Due to them both sharing similar interests with regards to music they soon decided to try and write a track together, after receiving some positive feedback the pair have carried on producing and also DJing together.


• Xample & Sol - Sonic Sleeze / Limiter - Hardleaders(HL54)
• Xample & Sol - Gauze - Sonix (so11)
• Xample & Sol - Full Force / Beer Boy - Mix N Blen (MB25)
• Xample & Sol - Caladonia / Northen Soul - Planet Funk (PF7)
• Xample & Sol - Underworld - Sonix
• Xample & Sol - Conciousness - PennyBlack
• Xample & Sol - Speed Freak / Get Live - Flex
• Xample & Sol - Disfunktional / Insania - Lplates
• Xample & Sol - Desire (Remix) - Dope Ammo
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U can check these 2 guys in Belgium @ SPACEBALLS : 12/02/05, Rector,Ghent next to TECHNICAL ITCH and DEVAL!
(more info on http://www.sub-junkz.be)