170, Halftime Mix (first of this kind)


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hello my forum peeps, I did a mix for a competition and the theme was "170BPM/Halftime and experimental, deep Sound". Turns out I never actually did a mix like that as I usually mix more upfront stuff, so I thought I'd give it a go. Mixing these tunes seemed a lot harder because the arrangement is really sparse at times, so I hope I corrected most of my mistakes fairly quickly.
And since this is a mix for a slot for playing out, I wanted to keep it somewhat dancefloor suitable and didn't go too far into the experimental kind of things, also this is for a 30 Minute Slot so I had to cut short because I didn't want to make it too long for that reason.

Critizise whatever you want, I am happy for any kind of feedback :)

1. Blu Mar Ten - By The Time My Light Reaches You I'll Be Gone
>> Bcee feat. Rocky Nti - Lost & Found (Stripped Back Mix)
2. Stray - Pushed
3. Phace & Misanthrop - My Arae
4. Dub Phizix feat. Fox - Never Been
5. Sam Binga - 8barr
6. Overlook - Glass
7. Amit - Tokyo
8. Alix Perez ft. Foreign Beggars - The Cut Deepens
9. Sam KDC - Erosion
10. Netsky - Love Has Gone (Dub Phizix Remix)
11. Mutated Forms - Wastegash (The Upbeats Remix)
12. Stray - Akina
13. Alix Perez - Crystals
14. Sam Binga ft. Redders - AYO!
15. Etherwood ft. Nu:Tone - Shattered
16. Sabre ft. Noisia & Icicle - Quarters
17. Spectrasoul - Organiser (Foreign Concept Remix)
18. Axon - STTR